Which Girl Will Be Most Attractive When They Turn Around? Learn What Your Choice May Say About You

4 years ago

Personality traits aren’t constantly stable, they can change. But despite this, even minor things can reveal what kind of person you are. For example, your walk can indicate your level of vulnerability while the way you hang toilet paper can say a lot about your assertiveness. Your choice can also clarify a lot about your personality.

We at Bright Side invite you to look at this picture of 5 girls and imagine which one will be the most attractive when they turn around. And we don’t mean “beautiful” by the regular standards of beauty — it’s all about your feelings.

Girl #1

If the first girl seems the most attractive to you, you’re likely a calm and confident person. You aren’t afraid of obstacles and new trials; you’re ready to solve any and all difficulties with your head held high. You boldly take on new things and enthusiastically carry out what you like.

You aren’t easily knocked down and you’re open to any turns along the way. You’re patient at achieving your goals and are able to get what you need. You aren’t a shy person, but rather, daring and decisive. You know what you want and you’ll surely get it.

Girl #2

Choosing the second girl may mean that you’re a sociable person who quickly establishes contact with others. You’re a bit naive and at times can be frivolous. At the same time, you know how to achieve your goal. You’re an easy-going person who is often in a good, playful mood.

You’re more likely to smile out of everyone around you rather than show your sadness. You try to stay positive and not take bad or evil things to heart. But this isn’t always the case and sometimes even a simple negative word thrown at you can hurt your soul.

Girl #3

If you prefer the third girl, then you’re most likely a modest, shy person. You’re a person who doesn’t immediately connect with others, but with time, you can fully reveal yourself. You like everything to be according to plan and don’t like spontaneity much.

You’re kind, conflict-free, and don’t stay offended by things for long. You look deep into the soul, trying to understand the emotions and feelings of others. You aren’t afraid to be uncomfortable in order to make another person happy. But harmony is important to you, so sometimes you need to be alone with yourself.

Girl #4

If you chose the fourth girl, it’s likely you have a lot of composure. It’s not easy to embarrass or confuse you. You’d rather give preference to the mind than the heart. You know that you can achieve a lot and therefore aren’t afraid of the difficulties that come your way.

You’re a proud person who lives in harmony with yourself. For all your determination, you’re a gentle person. You think about others and won’t harm them even to achieve your own goals. You may seem cold, but in reality, you’re a sociable person and ready to help the needy.

Girl #5

Choosing the fifth girl can mean that you’re an independent, persistent person. You’re used to achieving your goals. You’re able to work on yourself if needed. You’re confident and independent, so you rarely ask for help or accept it from others even if they’re ready to provide you with support and care.

You’re stubborn and it isn’t easy for people to convince you or to change your mind about something. You don’t have an easy time meeting new people either. But those who are able to reach your heart will become your real friends who can fully rely on you.

Which girl did you choose? How accurately does the description match your personality? We’re interested in reading your opinions in the comments.

Illustrated by Anna Syrovatkina for Bright Side


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