10 Psychological Tricks That Can Help You Find the Key to Anyone

4 years ago

Even if we’re unique in our own way, we share the same human nature. It allows us to create bonds with other people and more importantly, discover the hacks for their way of thinking. Taking advantage of what we all already have inside, it’s possible to influence others’ decisions and opinions about us and situations.

At Bright Side, we’ve gathered these useful psychological tricks which have a strong effect on almost everyone.

1. Create an illusion of choice.

If you need someone to do something for you, ask for a more difficult task to do before telling your original request. After rejecting the bigger things, people tend to accept the easy-looking request. This also works when you try to convince someone. Give them 2 options at the same time: the thing you want and another task harder to achieve. What you will achieve by this is to make your actual request look simpler next to the other.

2. Turn disagreement to advantage.

When people tell you things you don’t agree with, don’t object to them firmly. First acknowledge what they say with words like, “I see what you mean” and continue with your own opinion asking “but have you ever thought about this part of it?” That approach will help you make your point without being interrupted or having someone oppose you.

3. Mama knows best.

You can attract attention to your words by telling people that your father or mother taught you that. People comply with a traditional discipline figure and will respect a mother or father empathically thinking about their own parents. Most people believe their parents’ words wholeheartedly and when you mention your words are also coming from a parent, it will create the same effect as their own family.

4. Take on a love loan.

You may notice someone doesn’t like you as much as you want them to. Ask them for something small to borrow, maybe a book you are interested in. That will first create a reluctant connection between the 2 of you, then it will result in an opinion change after you give the item back.

5. Silence can be engaging.

During an awkward silence with a person you’d like to get along, ask them something about themselves. Even the quietest person enjoys talking about themselves. They will ask you something back and you will turn silence into a fluid conversation.

6. Confidence attracts people.

After you finish talking during negotiations, simply look people in the eye and wait in silence. Your determined look will positively affect others’ perception of what you’ve just said. If you lose eye contact after these intense moments, you will notice a loss of interest after a short time.

7. Make them feel big.

Using the correct words can make a big difference when you need help. People tend to help you with your requests if you present them as a favor. The ego boost will kick in and they will feel like they are granting you a wish. Try using simple phrases like, “Please do me a favor” or “I really need your help.”

8. Create a reaction to observe.

When you’re new in a group, make a joke or tell a funny story to watch people’s reactions. The people who are closer will look at each other while laughing and this will help you to understand the bonds and determine the connections between friends.

9. Repeat this: Repeat.

Repetition is one of the best ways to create a concrete idea in people’s minds. If you want to impose your opinion on someone else, just repeat it in different contexts or simply say the same thing in the conversation with different expressions. After hearing the same thing several times, people will perceive the idea as their own since their brain will label the idea as a familiar or known one.

10. Create trust to build trust.

When you try to build trust in a social environment, admit your small mistakes to others. People will see your vulnerable side and will accept you as an honest person. This will give you an advantage, even during a dispute.


And don’t forget to have fun with your own nature! Here is one more trick for rock-paper-scissors lovers out there. While playing, if you ask a question right before saying rock-paper-scissors without waiting for the answers, the majority of people will tend to say “scissors” for their move. Try it, you’ll be surprised and a champion!

Do you have mind tricks you’ve tried before? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

Illustrated by Daniil Shubin for Bright Side


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6 is really good advice, I will try to be more confident with this trick ?


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