28 People Whose Days Exceeded Any Expectations

2 years ago

Happiness is not a feeling, it’s an action. When people start to train themselves to achieve their goals, that’s when true joy happens. From finishing their master’s degree to changing life events and overcoming a severe disease, whatever kind of happiness it is, the moment when we feel it is more valuable than gold.

We always look on the Bright Side of life, and here are a few instances of simple things that made people incredibly happy.

1. "Knowing that I get to spend forever with my best friend (and eat pizza together forever)’’

2. “At 8:21 this morning, I became the father of this little guy.”

3. “Still not 100% sure what I’m doing, but these past 4 months have been the best!”

4. "My new painting! A self-portrait with my partner of almost 8 years. All My Soul Within Me Burning, 18×24, oil on a panel!’’

5. "After my high-risk pregnancy that nearly killed us both, my daughter and I are doing great!’’

6. ’’Just finished and am very proud of the Valentine’s Day gift I made for my girlfriend — a dozen knitted roses!’’

7. ’’I ran my very first-ever limited edition set of prints and didn’t expect many to sell. But somehow they all sold out yesterday!’’

8. "The bouquet I made Mom for Valentine’s day — cost less than a dozen real roses; the smile she had...priceless.’’

9. “Yesterday, I became a dad, on my birthday! There are exactly 29 years between us. Welcome my daughter, Elle.”

10. ’’Our cat had kittens 2 days after we had our baby girl. The kitten climbs into her lounger with her whenever he has the chance."

11. ’’I’m partially blind, or visually impaired. This took me 70 fun hours to paint.’’

12. ’’I took an old Kirby shirt I loved that was headed for the trash and added it to my jacket so I can wear it again.’’

13. ’’After years of infertility and IVF, my wife and I finally got pregnant and held a gender reveal party with close friends and family.’’

14. ’’Made this for my father, who enjoys making ship replicas and geometric paper crafts."

“A plain wooden hoop was stained with whatever wood stain I had on hand.”

15. ’’The proudest big sister!’’

16. ’’After 6 years of homelessness, sleeping in parks, cars, floors, shelters, and parents’ homes, we signed the lease on our first home.’’

17. ’’My dad is pretty stoked over his new refrigerator. He worked really hard to make it happen.’’

18. ’’After years of being told I wouldn’t have kids of my own, I’ve officially made it to 30 weeks with a totally healthy baby!’’

19. “I am a dad. I am proud.”

20. “This student dancing with his granny at prom”

21. “My son decided to give my pop a kiss. My pop is the best granddad, and he’s the best great-grandad.”

“He is so excited to be a first-time great-grandparent.”

22. “A father and son looking at the Father and Son mural I painted of them in West Allis, WI.”

23. “We’re the Wikipedia ’high five’ couple, and now we’re married and teaching it to our kids. Up high!”

24. “I completed the LEGO Colosseum. One of the biggest LEGO sets I’ve done!!”

25. “My first Father’s Day coincides with my mother’s passing anniversary.”

“Here’s my mother holding me as an infant, and me, 35 years later, holding my daughter.”

26. “In my hometown, this gentleman goes and sits every day with his wife, who suffers from dementia.”

27. “This is my granddaughter and me. I think this accurately defines happiness. Hope you all are happy.”

28. “The adoption is final! Welcome home baby girl, welcome to forever!”

Was there a moment when you realized that you were happy? Were you able to capture it?

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