20 Mood-Lifting Photos That Prove Every Child Is a Wonder

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5 years ago

Kids are simply a gift to the world because they can make you smile by doing the darndest things. Or just by being their charming selves. They have their own little minds that make you want to laugh at the smallest things they do. They imitate you, but somehow it is more impressive when they do it. And they also have the kind of toothy grin that makes you want to flash a smile too.

We at Bright Side cannot help but go “aww” at these photos of little ones and hope that they will also make your day a little brighter the way they did ours.

1. I do it better because my head reaches the ground even though I’m standing!

2. “She can’t understand why she’s losing.”

3. The mischievous one steals bottles.

4. Because this is what toes are for.

5. Definitely some fun play time for this one!

6. Hosing up instead of hosing down

7. “Let me help you.”

8. Savoring ice cream for the first time

9. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do for summer.

10. She’s supervising her dad, alright.

11. 3 different expressions in one photo

12. Sleeping beauty sleeps however, wherever, and whenever she pleases.

13. He’s hiding while whispering, “hide, hide, hide” to himself

14. “Her response to ’say cheese’ is to roar like a lion.”

15. The most comfortable sleeping pose

16. This boy sure loves the air conditioner.

17. Let me out of here!

18. A toothless smile from a 6-week-old

19. The look of joy as she got on her first swing!

20. A precious welcome from the older kids

Which of these pictures remind you of your own kids, or young nieces or nephews? Did you capture these moments as they grew up? Share the most charming photos with us in the comments below!


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#2 reminds me of my childhood... i had an older friend and i came to him to play Dandy (i thought i was playing). He just unplugged my cotroller and played himself. I was so happy because I thought I was winning :D


I did like this with my sisters too.. And I don't feel sorry for that.

They felt so happy because they thought they were winning


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