15+ Pics of Kids Whose Parents Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry

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5 years ago

On average, children ask 73 questions a day. Unfortunately, there’s no statistic on the number of times a kid makes their parents facepalm per day but if we were to make a guess, we’d say it’s a lot!

And it’s not just the questions. Occasionally, they’ll do something that makes you feel conflicted and you won’t know whether to laugh or cry. We at Bright Side think these 19 pictures below perfectly illustrate that feeling.

1. We can feel the headache settling in.

2. “My daughter thought this was her. Bonus: my son is in the background.”

3. “My son feeding his fake dog goldfish while his real dog sits outside, pissed”

4. “My daughter felt one straw was not enough...”

5. I mean, he does have a point.

6. “My kids have disabled my iPod for 45 years.”

7. “Caught my son watching cartoons at 3 AM. He didn’t expect to be caught.”

8. “This is how my son was sleeping. He may be immortal.”

9. “My son just made a huge mess. This is his ’just let me explain’ face.”

10. “My 6-year-old daughter is great at multitasking.”

11. “Took my daughter out for a nice dinner...”

12. “My son after trying to get back down from washing his hands. Just hanging there...helpless...”

13. “Playing hide and seek with my kids and this is how I found my daughter.”

14. “My 2-year-old daughter drew a pillow with chalk, then laid down for a nap...”

15. “Took my daughter to a Van Gogh exhibit.”

16. My daughter makes beds in random places. Found her asleep in a Costco tote/container.

17. My daughter has been picking out her own clothes and watching her big brother get on the bus.

18. “My daughter looks like she just destroyed an entire Sith army.”

19. These kids were asked to dress up as elves for their school play. One kid dressed up as Elvis.

Which of these kids made you laugh the loudest? Also, if you have any pictures of your children that portray this same feeling, go ahead and share them with us in the comments below!

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haha the boy at number 2 is actually the funniest thing I have seen today :D


maybe 19 is actually isn't kids fault? :D I mean, it were the parents who made this costume


They were mad grandma had snow and we didn’t because they wanted to make snow angels. (A whole bag of powdered sugar later...)

Comment with image on Bright Side

I feel with that kid who has been forced on the stage as Elvis. He looks quite ashamed and sad. I think this could have been traumatic. Poor child.


someone's parents weren't paying attention on the costume topic or didn't read the form sent home lol. poor kid. may be funny but he'd have felt awkward.


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