Bright Side Readers Shared What Things Proved Their Parents’ Endless Love to Them

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3 years ago

We have published stories several times about parents whose actions insulted their kids for life. Some adults didn’t keep their promises, others punished their offspring unfairly, and then there were the ones who didn’t support their kids during a difficult moment. Luckily, not all parents are the same. Some of our readers told us about things from their childhood that helped them feel the sincere love of their parents.

We at Bright Side want to see more of these stories, rather than the stories about kids’ grievances.


When I was 7 years old, I cut out a rose from my mom’s evening dress because I wanted to make a blanket for my doll. When mom put on her dress, my dad couldn’t stop laughing for a long time. But they never scolded me for it.

Since that moment, my mom started to visit ateliers once a month and bring me many different beautiful pieces of cloth. Now I am a seamstress and I create beautiful clothes. I am thankful to my parents for their love! © Alyona Evgenyevna / Facebook


Once, I was visiting my relatives. There was a small window located between the toilet and the other part of the bathroom, and when my cousin was in the bathroom, I climbed on the toilet tank to be able to continue communicating with him and hear him better. Of course, I didn’t think about the consequences. At some point, something inside the tank cracked, and broke. I came out with my head down anticipating a big scold. But my cousin’s parents got scared that I would start crying and started to comfort me. I still think it’s a good example of parenting endurance and stamina. © Agnessa Sozonova / Facebook


When I was younger I wanted a big doll with white hair and a blue dress, which cost a lot of money for a toy in those times.

Once, I had to be in the hospital for almost a month and when my mom came to visit me, she asked what I wanted. Of course, my answer was that doll. The next day it was mine. It was true happiness! My mom is incredible! © Irin Brajnikova / Facebook



When I was in elementary school, our teacher had had a baby. All the parents collected some amount of money to buy her a present. My mom was sent to buy a big stuffed teddy bear. When she brought the toy home, I was left speechless. I had never had anything similar. I actually only had one doll at that time.

We lived very modestly, but I wanted that bear so much... And my mom left it for me. She went to the store again and bought a different teddy bear. I loved that toy so much!

When my nephew was 12, he saw this teddy bear in my room (the toy had patches on it and an injured paw), he took the toy to his house. This bear lived a big and useful life. I am still surprised that my mother gave it to me. © Neta Osennyaya / Facebook


I am lucky to have my parents. They both grew up in a small town and no one taught them the basics of pedagogy but, still, they always respected my personality. I remember, once, my friend’s granny blamed me for stealing her perfume when we had played at her place.

The next day I was picked up from school by my dad. We were walking together and I saw this old lady ahead of us, I remembered her accusations, started to cry, and told everything to my dad. He immediately caught up with her and demanded an explanation. She started to make excuses. Later it turned out that the perfume, that was on top of the fridge, had fallen down behind it. I am very thankful to my parents and I remember that when things like this happened, I was always sure they were on my side. © Alfiya Zagirova / Facebook



I am thankful for my life and I feel like I have the best parents in the world. The following story seems to be such a small thing, but I still remember it. I was 8-9 years old and at school we were asked to draw a beach, the sea, etc. I tried my best, I drew scenery with palm trees, seagulls, and a growing pineapple. I got a “C” for my work because the teacher told me that the scenery was supposed to look realistic, while I fantasized too much. She also added that pineapples grow on palm trees.

Feeling extremely upset, I told my mom about it and showed my drawing to her. She hugged me and asked me not to be upset.

At that time, we only had internet access at my mom’s office. So the next day she printed out an article about how pineapples grow and went to school. I don’t know what my mom and the art teacher were talking about, but during the next lesson, my “C” was changed to “A”. © Anastasiya Avcı / Facebook


I am 32 years old. It’s been 11 years since I started to live separately from my parents. Recently my mom called me and asked me to come to her place to look through my old notebooks and check to see if I still needed some of them. Also, my parents kept hippos that I made out of clay at 13 and an Easter egg that I decorated myself. I appreciate that a lot. © Liliya Strijachenko / Facebook


In my childhood, I lived with my dad and granny. We were very poor, my dad’s salary wasn’t paid out regularly, and we had to live on my granny’s pension. For some reason, the kids at school disliked me, they would bully me and call me “ugly.” My dad found out about it and was very worried. He tried to talk to my teachers, but those talks never helped.

Once in the 9th grade, we were about to have a beauty contest. I was tired of the bullying so much that, much to my own surprise, I decided to participate. When my dad found out about it, he understood how important this thing was for my self-esteem. He went to one girl and bought me a luxury prom dress in a golden color. It cost so much money, especially for us.

I got second place in the contest and it shocked everyone, because everyone considered me “ugly.” I’ve remembered my dad’s deed for my entire life and still recall it with awe and gratitude. © Anastasia Samsonova / Facebook



Once, my daughter was blamed for stealing money from someone’s schoolbag solely because she was the last to leave the locker room. When I came to school and saw my crying kid, I started to shout, stomp my feet, and express all my thoughts angrily.

As my experience shows, all the teachers and headteachers are not used to dealing with such rowdy parents. In most cases, parents prefer not to start a conflict and obediently nod their heads. I believe that parents should sort things out with their kids at home, but they should never scold their offspring in public. And yes, I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter. © Anna Shalashidi / Facebook


My parents would always explain to me why they were not buying something for me (usually, the reason was that the item was too expensive for our family). Still, they would try their best to make my wishes come true. Sometimes I would find the desired thing under my pillow for no special occasion. Every time, I would rush to my mom to show it to her and she would smile and hug me. Now I earn money myself and buy the best things for my mom because she gave me the most priceless thing — her love. © Natalia Voynova / Facebook


There was a case when my classmate asked me to bring a message to a boy she liked during a lesson. The teacher caught me right at the moment of handing over the message and started to embarrass me in front of the entire class.

Moreover, the next day she called my mom to the school. My mom listened to her with a stone face. The teacher was saying that I was in a romantic relationship with this boy, and that I do anything during the lessons but study. When the teacher finished her speech, my mom asked her, “Why is it bad that some boy likes my daughter?” The teacher froze for a moment, she didn’t expect such a turn. I was feeling good because I realized my mom would never let anyone speak bad about me. My mom is still my best friend. © Sheyla Shekili / Facebook

Please tell us about some good event from your childhood.

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When my son was in high school he was a Big boy. Well he had a fascination with colouring his hair. I checked out the school rules, nothing wrong there so that night l dyed his hair a Vibrant Electric Blue. The next day l was called into the office where l was given a speech about my son disobeying the rules, at which point l informed them that l had checked the rules and nothing in there said it wasn't allowed so I had dyed my sons hair, and just before l got up to walk out l told them "I now had my own personal Smurf!
They had nothing to say at that time, but did when l changed his hair colour roughly every 2 weeks till he left school, hey it was fun, he Loved it and it hurt No One.


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