19 Times Kids Proved They’re Way Funnier Than Adults

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2 years ago

If your kid gives you a bracelet with the lettering “mediocre” or tries a cat door as the main door, you’re a happy parent. Your child has a sense of humor and family life will never get boring. Just let kids use their imaginations and enjoy the show.

We at Bright Side rounded up 19 moments when kids made adults chuckle and would like to share them with you.

1. “This is how my kid asks to watch cartoons in the morning.”

2. “Bread, anyone?”

3. “My son taking his mouse for a walk”

4. “We were playing hide and seek.”

5. “The second day of life and my daughter is already not impressed.”

6. “My daughter made me this bracelet today.”

7. “My 4-year-old thinks he’s a ninja, so my wife took a ‘before’ picture and showed him. He absolutely thinks he’s completely invisible in front of our black appliances.”

8.“This kid went from row to row.”

9. “I think we can safely say that my daughter enjoyed visiting the Colosseum in Roma!”

10. “I wore fake glasses and fake teeth for my sixth-grade yearbook photo to prank my mom.”

11. “My niece discovered the cat door today.”

12. “My son found seashells on his first trip to the beach. I didn’t have the heart to tell him.”

13. “We caught my girlfriend’s niece doing this at the mall.”

14. “My toddler was asked to feed the cat.”

15. “Our 6-year-old ’ran away’ yesterday so we told him we love him and to come back if he needs anything. He came back and took the cat.”

16. “My daughter gave my son a signed picture of herself for Christmas.”

17. “Our kid got stuck in his pop-up tent and basically gave up on life.”

18. “I just swaddled my 17-year-old son. He was jealous of his 3-day-old sister.”

19. “My son just asked me why this lady is reading Poop Magazine. I’m so proud.”

How did you make your parents laugh when you were a kid? What’s the funniest story of your childhood?


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