12 Smart People Who You Can Never Take by Surprise

3 years ago

Some people may wonder what to do when they find dirty handprints on the wall, how to solve a problem due to a lack of communication, or how to use ordinary objects to make your life more convenient without spending money. But people from this compilation are never caught off guard, no matter how difficult the situation.

Bright Side found a category of people who can find a solution and an appropriate answer in just about any situation. And one thing’s for sure — you’ll never get bored of hanging out with them.

“Mom didn’t want the socket to stand out among the stones on the wall.”

“Recently, someone left handprints right on the wall. The communal services could clean this disgrace but luckily, they didn’t. Now, the wall looks like this.”

When you see a goal and follow it:

“The way my son makes his sandwiches so there’s no overhang”

Instead of throwing away old Lego details, a beekeeper decided to make a beehive.

“My grandma, instead of buying a vase, keeps flowers in an empty shell from World War II.”

When you don’t have a coffee table but still want to eat with convenience in front of the TV:

“My neighbors decided to build a fence, but they didn’t want to cut down the trees. So they came up with this solution.”

When you don’t communicate enough, but you know how to solve this problem:

So no one can steal your luggage

“My son modified his bike to comfortably ride it barefoot.”

“My grandparents hung a clock that goes backward. As a result, it faces the right way in the mirror, so it’s easy to keep track of time while you’re getting ready.”

Have you ever been in a situation when your remorse or quick wit helped you deal with a problem? Tell us about it.

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I love riding a bike and those pedals just gave me an idea hahhaha :p


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