21 Convincing Reasons to Love Australia From Afar

4 years ago

Its diverse landscape, unique nature and unusual animals attract a lot of tourists to Australia. But let’s face the truth — isn’t it better to love this country from a distance?

Bright Side found 21 reasons why visiting the land down under is a true test of bravery.

Anything in Australia can grow to an enormous size, even a moth.

Basically, every creature that has wings can reach the size of a pterodactyl.

However, not all creatures with wings can fly. Perhaps that’s the reason he is so upset?

And there is no other place in the world where you’ll see such a diverse group of arthropods.

They can visit your bathroom...

...or join you on a walk.

Spiders aren’t the only reason why many people wouldn’t like living in Australia. They also have crocodiles.

And other creatures like this suspicious koala.

Or a group of stingrays that you could suddenly find lying on a beach.

Before putting on shoes, it’s recommended to check them because someone might have already settled in there.

Cars should be checked too.

Because these cute creatures can settle wherever they want.

Australian postmen are used to them too.

Not all dangers come from fauna. Australian flora can literally knock you off your feet.

As can the local weather...

How a usual street fight looks in Australia:

But not all these things can frighten hospitable Australians.

They won’t say no to anyone who wants to stay overnight...

... or to anyone who wants to share breakfast with them.

They even let them use the bathroom!

So don’t listen to scaremongers and travel as much as possible. Not everything in Australia wants to kill you!

Oops! That was a wrong picture ;)

Have you ever visited this wonderful continent? If yes, did you meet any of the creatures from this article? Please tell us your stories in the comments!

Preview photo credit Rick C, unknown/imgur


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Excuse me. This is a completely inaccurate anology of Australia. Don’t believe everything you read on social media. What about all of our good things? Great surfs, amazing treks, rich culture and diversity, quokkas, our native animals, ice cream… The list goes on and on! I mean, anyone could say this is the reason they aren’t coming to Australia. But look at our good side! I mean, America is a horrible place with guns- but not everywhere in America is like that! America has deadly Rattlesnakes- but not everywhere in America is like that! Africa is a den of deadly animals and cut-throats and kidnappers and thieves… But not everywhere is like that! Africa is a beautiful place with lots of amazing animals! So don’t believe everything you read on Social Media. Sure, Australia has snakes and spiders- but this is not all we are.


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