20+ Pics That’ll Make You Feel Like You Need a Cold Shower

2 years ago

Summertime is not always sunshine and beaches. Sometimes it can be melting pens and shoe soles. This compilation of photos might make you want to stay home until late September and chill under the cooling waves of your air conditioner.

People on the internet shared their true experiences with the hot temperatures and we at Bright Side couldn’t wait to share them with all of you.

1. “Pulling off that semi-melted suction cup”

2. “Behold, the true meaning of a sunny side up egg.”

3. “So that’s why it feels like I’m burning my feet when I walk on sand.”

4. “It’s so hot here in Spain that the birthday candles at my supermarket have melted inside the package”

5. “It was so hot that the metal in my steering wheel lock expanded and shattered my windshield.”

6. It was so hot in Britain that it made these cans explode in the vending machine.

7. “The heat melted the tarmac off a lot of roads in my town, revealing old stones beneath.”

8. This drill bit got too hot.

9. “My coconut oil melted during the heatwave, and then reconstituted into these spheres.”

10. “The way my ceiling fan melted...”

11. “It’s so hot our plastic trash bins are melting.”

12. “It was so hot in Melbourne, Australia this speed bump melted.”

13. “It was so hot yesterday that my motorcycle’s kickstand sunk into the melted tarmac on our sidewalk.”

14. It got so hot in the van that this pen melted into a nice curve.

15. “When you leave your slides in the car and the heat shrinks them...”

16. “It’s so hot right now that the soles melted off of my shoes.”

17. “It’s so hot in Portland, Oregon that we could make hot-brew tea by just setting a jar in the sun.”

18. “It’s so hot in Australia that our outdoor lights melted.”

19. “I’m working as a cop over the summer and I’m outside all day. It’s so hot outside that as soon as I put my pen in my pocket it exploded.”

20. “My air conditioner stopped working. My house got so hot and humid, it sealed my entire case of envelopes.”

21. “It was 110°F where I was. It melted some vinyl records and made for an accidental great decoration.”

22. “Heat caused the sidewalk to buckle in a local city.”

Have you ever had something melt from high temperatures? How hot is where you live now?

Preview photo credit Desurvivedsignator / imgur


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