15+ Photos That Show What Happens When You Reach the Top Level of Your Relationship

2 years ago

A study found that a shared sense of humor makes couples stronger. Finding a person that perfectly matches your sense of humor is as rare as winning the lottery. Nevertheless, once you do, you’ll instantly click together. As proof, we have pictures that show what relationships are like when you finally reach the top level.

Bright Side found 16 people who are dating or married to their true soulmates.

1. “Wife: ‘Let’s stop at this plant nursery, I just want to look.’”

2. “My wife fell asleep like this during a movie so I decided to recreate The Creation of Adam.”

3. “I buy my husband a nice new toy, he just wants to play with the box.”

4. “My wife leaves me notes in the morning. I hope this one’s not finished.”

5. “I do love jokes about my tooth and my girlfriend made this and sent it to me.”

6. “My boyfriend thought it would be funny to bring our cat into the pool. This picture is the result. Please enjoy.”

7. “My girlfriend’s first roller coaster ride”

8. “What I pack for a weekend away vs My husband”

9. “My husband and I went deep sea fishing, I caught a mahi, he caught his face in a bucket.”

10. “My wife commissioned a portrait of me, my daughter, and my dog. My heart is melted.”

11. “My girlfriend and I went to get awkward couples photos done today.”

12. “My boyfriend has an online shop. This is what I came home to today.”

13. “My boyfriend probably won’t ask me to pick him up from the airport again.”

14. “My wife asked me to paint an oil portrait of her. This was the best I could come up with.”

15. “Wife helped spray sunscreen on my back.”

16. “Made my husband a cake for his birthday. Thrilled with how hilarious and awful it turned out.”

What tricks do you pull on your loved one? Who is the funniest: you or your significant other?

Preview photo credit ChronicIdealist / Reddit


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