23 Kind Situations That Remind Us of the Special Bond Loving Spouses Share

2 years ago

Throughout our lives, we create different bonds with the people around us, whether they are our parents, friends, or children. But without a doubt, the bond between spouses is one of the most special. At one point, they were 2 unknown people who managed to find a special connection together. Here are some stories that definitely make us believe we are made for each other.

We at Bright Side collected evidence that shows life after marriage is not just a “happily ever after,” but rather, the beginning of a lot of unexpected and unique experiences.

1. “I told my husband I’d never won a trophy, so he got this made for me.”

2. “Having a tough shift in the ICU, so my husband and bestie brought me some coffee.”

3. “Art I made for my wife — it’s where we met, got married, and live.”

4. “Lunch my wife made me”

5. “My husband kept all the notes I’ve passed him since we started working from home together.”

6. “Marriage telepathy...my husband and I bought each other the same gift.”

7. “When we got engaged 5 years ago, my husband couldn’t afford the ring I originally wanted. Today, he surprised me with this.”

8. “I couldn’t remember how my husband liked his coffee, so he made a cheat sheet for me.”

9. “My husband made lunch for me today.”

10. “Chocolate-filled hearts for my husband’s twenty-fourth birthday today!”

11. “My husband and I dressed up as each other for Halloween.”

12. “My husband always got colored pencils for his birthday while growing up.”

“He’s wanted an iPhone forever, so today I bought him one and this is how I wrapped it.”

13. “I have been a little sad lately. My husband bought me flowers and took me to a used book store to cheer me up.”

14. “My husband likes to put my art on the fridge like I’m in elementary school.”

15. “My husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage today.”

16. “A present for my husband of our trips from when we were younger”

17. “A holiday tradition my wife and I share — going on 7 years!”

18. “We couldn’t afford to exchange Christmas presents this year, so my husband did this for me during his downtime at work.”

19. “My husband and I had a no recipe cupcake baking competition today.”

20. “My husband likes to hold and sing to our recently adopted kitten like she’s a baby.”

“Coming home to see this almost every day makes me feel happy.”

21. “That feeling when, after a long day, my husband brought me this”

22. “I can easily fit 2 of my fingers in my husband’s wedding ring.”

23. “My husband and I recreated our wedding photos for our anniversary.”

Every bond between spouses is unique. Share a story with your partner that definitely represents the connection you have with each other!

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