My Female Friend Takes Care of My Healthy Husband While I’m Sick and I’m Jealous

7 months ago

True friends are worth more than gold. However, life is a rollercoaster, and our friends sometimes turn into our foes. Our reader is confused because her friend’s intentions are unclear. On the one hand, she helps her around the house. On the other, she has been doing it only for our reader’s husband.

One of our readers asked us for help.

Thanks for reaching out to us! We came up with some tips that you might find useful.

Talk to your husband.

Let your husband know that you feel uncomfortable when he behaves like that. On the one hand, he might have genuinely worried about you and wanted you to stay in bed because you looked sick.

On the other hand, he should have taken care of you all this time. For some reason, he didn’t do it. Ask him what’s wrong, and don’t mince words.

Try to find an apartment for your friend faster.

Help Sara find an apartment as soon as possible. She might want to put it off, but you should insist anyway. Let your husband know that Sara has outstayed her welcome and needs to leave. Besides, you’re not going to be ill forever, thankfully, so she will have to find another place.

Your husband should also support you in this. Otherwise, Sara will take it as a sign that he doesn’t mind her staying in your house for longer.

Save your marriage.

Your friend’s behavior is indeed unusual. What’s more concerning, is your husband’s reaction to everything that’s happening. You’re sick, and he hasn’t paid you as much attention as he has to Sara.

There might be some unaddressed issues in your relationship. He could have at least brought you a piece of the cake to your room and ask you how you were feeling. He didn’t do this, however, and it’s a red flag.

Talk to your friend.

Speak to your friend alone, and don’t involve your husband in the conversation. Ask her directly why she helps your husband and completely ignores you.

Don’t beat about the bush, instead save your time and ask the straightforward question. Ask her to stop taking so much care of your husband because you find it suspicious and strange. If she doesn’t stop, take measures and be firm in your decisions.

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