I’m Forbidden From Attending My Stepson’s Birthday Party

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2 months ago

Things can quickly become uncomfortable when the relationship between parents in a blended family isn’t good. Stella, a <strong>Bright Side reader, recently reached out to us about her discomfort. She’s never gotten along with her husband’s ex, and now, she’s in a tough spot because she’s not invited to her stepson’s birthday party. She’s seeking advice on what to do.

Here is Stella’s letter:

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Stella! We’ve prepared some tips that we hope can be useful.

Express your feelings calmly.

Sit down with your husband and have an open conversation about how you feel excluded from the party. Explain that it’s not about controlling him but about feeling respected and included in social gatherings that involve both of you.

Also, discuss potential compromises or solutions together, such as attending the party as a united front or finding alternative ways to celebrate your stepson’s birthday that accommodate both of your feelings.

Set clear limits.

It’s crucial to establish clear boundaries with your husband regarding interactions with his ex-wife. While co-parenting is important, it’s equally vital to prioritize your marriage and mutual respect.

Discuss boundaries that both of you are comfortable with when it comes to interactions with your husband’s ex-wife, ensuring that neither feels neglected nor disrespected in the process.

Focus on building bridges.

Despite past disagreements, make an effort to improve your relationship with your husband’s ex-wife. Reach out with small gestures of kindness or understanding, such as greeting her politely when you see her or engaging in friendly conversation.

Building a more amicable relationship with her could lead to greater inclusivity in social events involving your stepson and foster a more harmonious co-parenting dynamic.

Seek counseling.

Consider seeking couples counseling to address the underlying issues in your relationship, particularly regarding communication and navigating blended family dynamics.

A neutral third party can help facilitate productive conversations and provide strategies for effectively managing conflicts and differences in perspectives. This can also be a safe space to explore deeper emotions and concerns surrounding the situation.

Sandra, another stepmom, isn’t on good terms with her husband’s ex. Recently, the ex-wife became furious when she discovered that her son had been left alone with a babysitter while Sandra and her husband went on a date. What the ex demanded next left Sandra speechless. You can read the full story here.

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you will always be third place with him, maybe best to get out as ex will always make your life a living nightmare and he will not defend you


Bro divorce him he isn’t even willing to stand up to his ex he truly doesn’t deserve you you even take care of the kid


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