15+ People Whose Makeovers Ruined Their Entire Day

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Sometimes, it seems that finding a good beauty salon is even harder than finding a good husband. You might even pay a lot of money for a manicure or a haircut but still end up with something that a child could do better. And you will have to pay again to have it fixed.

We at Bright Side sincerely sympathize with everyone who’s had to deal with these artists. We hope that you will never have another experience like this again.

“First time dip — advice please! Are these too thick? I paid $75 to a nail tech for these!”

“These are thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.” © N0blesse_0blige / Reddit

"Did my barber play a joke on me?

Expectation / Reality

“What I asked for vs What I got. A little disappointed”

  • I have 0 experience doing other people’s nails but I’m pretty sure if you came over to my house and we had a teenage-style sleepover, I could do a better job than that. © Sumoki_Kuma / Reddit

“I moved and found a new stylist.”

  • “Even after showing her all the pics and explaining what I wanted, she didn’t listen. How do I fix this?”

“I’m so glad I went to a professional for this. I’m so glad I showed the picture of my expectations and then got this...”

  • “Something I could have done myself from a box!”

No matter how long we stared at the reference photo, we couldn’t find any similarities.

These nails cost $ 55

“I wanted to be proud of my nails...”

“My hair. Thanks, hair salon”

“I recently moved and had to say goodbye to my amazing nail tech. I found this woman online and figured, how bad could it be?”

  • “This cost me €45 and another €65 to fix.”

“Well, I have claws now”

“Decided to get my hair done professionally after doing it myself for 3 years. What I asked for vs What I got.”

  • “Can’t wait to spend my whole weekend fixing it.”

“I wanted cute bangs and a chocolate brown color. Yeah, right.”

How is this even remotely close to what the person wanted?

“Why can’t you just make the nails the same length?”

Do you have an artist or a hairdresser you trust? Or have you had experience with a bunch of really weird ones?

Please note: This article was updated in September 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Straight-Pound-3180 / Reddit


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