17 Situations That Prove Life Is More Ironic Than We Thought

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Murphy’s law has taught us that “If anything can go wrong, it will.” And we all know that sometimes the Universe loves to throw us in ironic situations, just to show us its twisted sense of humor. However, science tells us that we can break this law by being optimistic and looking on the bright side of things. Because believing in a positive outcome will give us the motivation we need to face life’s irony.

Bright Side believes that we need to smile back at life’s curious jokes, instead of feeling annoyed or unsettled. Here are some situations that prove that the Universe’s talent of sarcasm is unmatchable.

1. It’s fine... Not like it cost me $40!

2. “Being neighbors doesn’t make you friends.”

3. “This sign in my kid’s elementary school fills me with joy.”

4. “I left my bike on campus overnight since it was storming and I got a ride.”

5. “Nothing is written in stone.”

6. “I saw this woman asleep on the train, she was reading a book called Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems.”

7. “Customer lost these at my office.”

8. “I moved the flour away from the kid so he wouldn’t make a mess and I knocked it off the counter with my elbow.”

9. “This fortune I received while in school.”

10. “Picking up plastic on the beach today... The irony.”

11. “It’s really windy where I live and I don’t have a single tree in my yard.”

12. “I had to oblige this sign.”

13. “My wife bought the book The Joy of Less twice, by mistake.”

14. “How in the world did I lose a square?”

15. “247 seats in the concert hall. I got this one.”

16. “This pigeon pooped its own portrait.”

17. The handle broke!

Do you often come across ironic situations around you? How do you react to them?

Preview photo credit Simpsii / Reddit


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