19 Times People Unlocked a New Level of Ingenuity

2 years ago

Human creativity proves to have no limits. Where one person simply sees a fence or a pot, others know how to exploit their imagination to invent something different and original. And some Internet users don’t hesitate to share the genius things they created with just a dose of ingenuity.

Bright Side compiled photos that show how anyone can tap into their creative and original side.

1. “A local bar started using pasta as straws instead of plastic.”

2. “My mom made an Uno belt.”

3. “King of the Hill characters that I painted and stuck to my fence”

4. “This book box on someone’s lawn”

5. “An incredible watercraft”

6. “Am I certified evil now?”

7. “I mean, he’s technically wearing a mask...”

8. “Money well spent!”

9. “Fake grass around the toilet in the men’s bathroom”

10. “Someone came from the future.”

11. “These stairs in the hospital that tell you exactly how many calories you’ve burned climbing them.”

12. A cap with extra hair

13. “I’m so happy with my latest project! I melted milk bottles and plant pots into soap holders.”

14. Where one sees the back of a vehicle, another sees a work of art.

15. A truly personalized manicure

16. “I found 100,000 pesos (the equivalent of a $100 bill) on the floor, but it was actually just an ad.”

17. “This man’s suit consisted of 333 soft toys, weighing 26 lb.”

18. “I make drawings using letters and numbers from old typewriters, and here’s one of the London skyline.”

19. “Somebody drew a Mona Lisa with dust accumulated on the truck box.”

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done? If you have photos, feel free to share them in the comments.

Preview photo credit LorenzoXiaoqi / Reddit


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