15+ Photos That Will Confuse Your Eyes

8 months ago

Some pictures can be deceiving, presenting more than meets the eye. Even those with great attention to detail can be utterly confused by unusual perspectives that create illusions. From hidden mirrors to big rocks that resemble alligators, these tricky objects know how to pretend to be something they are not.

1. “The Tin Man is watching, always watching.”

2. “My dog looks like she’s a floating head.”

3. Snake stockings

4. Cat and orange that looks like an egg.

5. “He has beautiful legs.”

6. “A leg with no upper body was spotted on the subway.”

7. “It’s just a guy wearing a hoodie.”

8. Do you see a sloth in here too?

9. It’s just one picture with some perfectly placed light and shadows.

10. “Can’t see my cat’s body.”

11. “The concrete wall across the street looks like a body of water.”

12. “This log that looks like an alligator.”

13. “This stump in the pond at my property looks like a wise, ancient dragon.”

14. “This ‘leather’ jacket my uncle carved out of wood.”

15. “Took this photo while on a train. Check out the white jacket bears a resemblance.”

16. “This furniture looks just like Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.”

17. It’s really hard to tell whose body parts these are.

18. “Someone texted me as I was photographing this clock, giving it a Salvador Dali effect.”

19. “Just realized my open bag looks like a happy whale. My life is now complete.”

20. “A bit of toothpaste that looks like a baby monkey is holding onto my toothbrush.”

Feel free to take a second glance at the photos we’ve prepared by rubbing your eyes if needed, until you see what’s really in there.

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Valyris / Reddit


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