10 home finds that will turn your life around

7 months ago

If you’re on a mission to sweeten your space with trendy and surprisingly functional items, you’ve come to the right place. From toilet timers to fluffy fruit “ice cream” makers, there’s no shortage of impressive finds here. Let’s dive in!

1. Do you know how much time you spend in the bathroom? Now, you always will, with this funny toilet timer. It is a perfect gag gift that can make you value your time more. The timer runs for approximately 5 minutes. So it is a “go or get off the pot” situation.

You need to rotate the timer 360 degrees to set it. The unusual mechanism resets immediately without needing to be held upside down.

Promising review:

  • I bought this for my husband as a stocking stuffer, and he loved it. I can’t say that he actually uses it, but it’s hilarious to gift and have in the bathroom. At the very least, it’s a conversation starter. Love it! — Stacy Giattino

2. Guess what? You can mold anything you need with this versatile superglue. It feels like clay, allowing you to shape it with your fingers to fix or create things. As easy as it is to replace some missing parts with this superhero of fixes, it is equally easy to remove the glue. This waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant product is very sturdy and strongly sets in 30 minutes.

This substance, which starts as a malleable putty and transforms into a sturdy, flexible rubber, is pure magic. You’re not just gluing things; you can repair a broken mug handle, customize your smartphone case, and much more. This moldable glue is your sidekick in tackling all those “fix-it” and “create-it” moments. It doesn’t just stick; it molds, shapes, and adapts.

Promising review:

  • First off, I just wanted to say I love this product, and it is so flexible with all the different things that you could make and do with it. I personally used some on my keys to my house to make them bigger and easier for me to grip with my carpal tunnel. Honestly, I think this product is a fabulous way to increase accessibility for all sorts of different things in everyday life. For example, I was thinking about using some to make a more comfortable grip for one of my pens when I take notes. — JJanss

3. You can charge 6 devices simultaneously using this ingenious charging station. It comes with an anti-slip rubber surface, so it won’t fall over. 6 cables that are compatible with cellphones, tablets, Apple watches, and other devices are included.

This multi-charger station is made of high-quality flame-retardant material. The detailed design will help you charge your devices in a very organized fashion. The device also features overcharging and overvoltage protection.

Promising review:

  • This is probably the best investment for my home that I have made as far as convenience goes. It is not too big, bulky, or heavy, but it is solid. I have an entry table/shelf thing that I put it on, and it fits perfectly and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. We have friends and family in and out of our home daily. It never fails when someone asks for a charger, and we have to go unplug one from our bedroom or something. This makes a perfect space in the main part of the house for all kinds of devices to be charged at once in a central location.
    I have charged my iPhone, Apple Watch, Amazon Kids Fire Tablet, a Play phone, and my brother’s iPhone all at once. All of them charge quickly, and it has 100% made it easier to make sure my daughter’s things are charged nightly. Before, we would search for the cord to fit her tablet or a spare wall wart that someone took off with. Now everything is charged and right by the front door to grab on our way to work or errands for the day! — Taylor Miner

4. No cloth can compare to these extra-thick, eco-friendly mop pads. They easily trap and lock all the dirt, debris, and pet hair. They are super absorbent and easily washable — no muss, no fuss.

These pads are not just cleaning tools; they’re the guardians of your budget and the environment. Plus, they’ve got style — they look very bright and colorful. The unique looped design makes them perfect for either your home or the office.

Promising review:

  • I desperately needed a reusable multipurpose cleaning pad for my Bissell and for my Swiffer. I am aware that there are reusable pads for the Bissell, but I needed something that I could switch back and forth in between mops. I mean, who likes storing so many different types of cleaning pads for different types of mops? I do admit that this is exactly how I lost my Bissell cleaning pad.
    The fit on the Bissell wasn’t perfect, but it did work. I cleaned my whole house, and it didn’t come off once. The velcro is super strong and easy to use. This product is well-made. When I was done, I took it off and tossed it in the washer. The best part was the note attached; I thought it was such a great little detail. — C.alfa

5. This bamboo tray table combines durability with elegance. The clever clip-on design lets you easily attach the tray to the couch arm. It is perfectly suitable for holding snacks, drinks, books, or electronic devices. And the built-in phone holder with a 360-degree rotation feature adds extreme convenience.

The product is eco-friendly and waterproof and does not damage your furniture. Not suitable for an armchair.

Promising review:

  • I am very pleased with this clip on the side table. The spring-loaded “wings” below the table surface exert plenty of pressure to hold the table securely to the arm of nearly any chair or couch.
    The entire unit is nicely finished with a low-sheen coating that easily wipes clean. The unit comes nicely packaged. No assembly is required. It’s ready to go. I would definitely recommend it. — Jerry Fore

6. A simple yet awesome product! These shower curtain clips come with super-strong stickers on them. These handy thingies safely keep the curtains in place and help to stop water from leaking out of the shower.

No tools are needed for the installation. The clips are suitable for cloth and fabric shower curtains. The shower curtain or liner needs to be thick for it to stay in place.

Promising review:

  • These clips are fantastic and just what I needed to stop water from escaping my shower. They were delivered quickly and packaged neatly. When applying them, I gave my shower a quick clean and then dried the area where they were going to be applied.
    I used some rubbing alcohol on the shower wall to make sure the clips adhered securely. I let them set overnight, and they were good to go. I would definitely recommend these clips. — Amazon Customer

7. This cool, rapid ramen cooker is a must for all ramen lovers! The product offers a fast and efficient way to prepare your favorite noodles in the microwave. It is made from microwave-safe material, and it is both durable and safe to use.

With this ramen cooker, you can seriously reduce the time it takes to prepare your ramen. A perfect choice for a busy person or a college student.

Promising review:

  • I love to microwave some ramen, microwave some frozen broccoli, nuke an egg, and toss it together for the world’s fastest ramen. Yum! I made this pictured dish after writing my headline for this review. Thinking about it made me hungry. — Daniel

8. Transform frozen fruits into delicious, healthy soft-serve treats. With this dessert maker, you can create dairy-free and vegan alternatives to traditional ice cream. It works quickly; in minutes, the dessert is ready. Easy to use and clean.

This product is a perfect addition to any kitchen.

How it works:

  • Prepare (clean and/or peel) fruit and berries.
  • Freeze them.
  • Put frozen fruit and berries into the device.
  • Enjoy your healthy and extremely tasty dessert!

Promising review:

  • I’ve had this for just over a day; I’m in love already, and my family is too. We made 4 or 5 batches yesterday. I will say you have to use a little pressure to get the fruit down the shoot! But it tastes so good.
    I saw a few reviews that say all the recipes need bananas, but I can confirm that’s not true. I used pineapple instead of banana in a few recipes because someone is allergic to bananas. It was a quick set-up and clean-up! — Sp123

9. Check out the perfect space-saving solution for tiny drawers: a compact organizer with 5 compartments. Much more stuff will fit due to the ingenious design that is well-thought-out.

Now, you can easily separate and arrange cutlery neatly. With this product, you can optimize drawer space and keep things easily accessible. And the gray color adds a sleek and modern touch to the organizer.

Promising review:

  • I use this for my everyday silverware! I absolutely love it! It could be a tad bit wider, but it is absolutely a space saver! I would highly recommend it! I actually have about 16 pieces of spoons, forks, and knives in each slot, and they don’t fall through! Love it! I will probably order another for my other set! — Amazon Customer

10. This brilliant clean/dirty sign is a clever and practical kitchen accessory. It is designed to end the confusion about whether the dishes in a dishwasher are clean or dirty. This magnet features a unique shutter mechanism that changes the status indicator when you push it.

Due to a strong magnet, it easily sticks to your dishwasher (there is also the option for a 3M adhesive attachment). Now, it will be easy for anyone in your home to determine the state of the dishes in the dishwasher. The magnet also looks quite good and will add a catchy accent to your device.

Promising review:

  • This is a simple product that works great for the intended purpose. It attached firmly to my dishwasher’s front panel via the built-in magnet. The slider, which reveals either “clean” or “dirty,” works nicely with just a flick of the finger. The lettering is good-sized, very legible, and color-coded. Works great. — CarlB

We hope our picks will help you create a more comfy climate in your home. Don’t hesitate to add all the household must-haves to your shopping cart right away.

Bright Side gets commissions for purchases made through the links in this post. Reviews could have been edited for length and clarity.

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