What 10 Celebrities Would Look Like If They Had Never Tried Modern Cosmetology

year ago

Yes, it can be enjoyable to get older, but many of us would still prefer to keep our faces fresh like we’ve just come back from a vacation. Modern cosmetology can solve this issue in some ways, and there is no need to get plastic surgery to look relaxed and natural. Sometimes, even simple masks can be effective.

We at Bright Side respect everyone’s choice, and we want to share what 10 celebrities would look like if they decided to skip modern beauty procedures.

1. Eva Longoria

2. Geena Davis

3. Brigitte Nielsen

4. Joan Collins

5. Janice Dickinson

6. Gillian Anderson

7. Dolly Parton

8. Gwen Stefani

9. Julia Roberts

10. Monica Bellucci

Would you prefer to age naturally or with the use of modern cosmetology? Which age is the most comfortable for you?


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