11 Honest Illustrations From a Mother of 3 Who Shows the Real Side of Parenting

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2 years ago

Maria Gorbunova is a talented Russian artist whose bright illustrations about parenting found warm feedback in the hearts of thousands of people. Maria’s kids keep bringing her new ideas for plots and inspiring her to create her art. The artist gladly tells her stories of motherhood in an honest way, through her comics. Recently Maria’s family welcomed their third child, which means that these comics about parenting aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We at Bright Side actively read Maria’s page on Instagram and want to enjoy another portion of her honest stories about motherhood together with you.


“Don’t tell me it’s the other way around in your family!”


“All hands on deck! The furious mom is straight ahead. Why has the watch officer overlooked it? Are we gonna get punished altogether again? We were so close to Marmalade’s Chest!”


“In movies, newborns look like ripe, ruddy apples in the most central shop window, caressed by the sun! They are chubby, rosy-cheeked, and have nothing to do with the children who have just been unhooked from the umbilical cord. A newly-born baby looks more like a freshly-picked mushroom.”


“I wish I could spend at least one day in silence.”


“Can your kids distinguish a Bosh hammer drill from DeWalt by its sound?”


“Sometimes you just want to stop, be here and now, freeze for a moment, catch her smile, and feel this moment with each one of your cells. Kids grow so fast. I am ready to cherish her every minute.”


"All these books on parenting only work until the moment you have your own children."


“The Freak (huge stuffed bear) and the Monkey always try to get into our car, our bed, and even come along when we visit our friends. At first, my husband was embarrassed by the fact that sometimes he had to wake up in the company of a toy that was donated by one of my failed boyfriends. And he is still embarrassed, to be honest. But we treat the choices of our little ones with understanding — we are sure there is some kind of sacred meaning to them. At least we hope.”


"When you have a slightly sweaty child... I wonder how much longer our washing machine and my nerve cells will be able to stand this?


“The ’wet wipe’ of my childhood”


“Having your own house won’t help you get rid of those little elephants, but you will get rid of those annoyed neighbors across the wall for sure.”

This is how the artist and her restless family look in real life.

Here is the youngest princess who has brought her mother even more inspiration for creativity!

Do you like Maria’s comics? Which illustration makes you exclaim, “That’s so me!”?

Preview photo credit mary_chemi / Instagram


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