15 People That Got Lucky for a Split Second, and That Was Enough

3 years ago

A teacher with 25 years of experience decided to plan a trip before her retirement. She bought an insurance plan for $400 and read the terms written in the tiny font. And on page 7, she noticed some info about a contest that “paid to read.” She sent a text message to the number that was in the contract and got $10,000.

The people from this compilation are also very lucky: they read in-between the lines, somehow avoid falling trees, and are always in the right place at the right time. We at Bright Side also prepared a bonus for you from our users at the end of this article.

1. “I moved the dryer in our new house and found $105 in the vent.”

2. “The way this branch fell around this car”

3. A fan bet $20 and won almost $16,000 by guessing the exact score between the teams.

4. “This huge strawberry I found today!”

5. “I was eating pancakes with jam and this is what happened.”

6. Nice parking job!

7. “My cat has been missing for 2 months and we just found him today! I just needed to share as I’m over the moon with happiness — and so is he!”

8. “I found a live butterfly in my broccoli that I bought (and refrigerated) 5 days ago.”

9. “A lucky car owner in Rubizhne (Ukraine) after yesterday’s rain”

10. So this is what “2 times bigger” means...

11. “I stayed at my sister’s place and slept in my nephew’s bed. This is the view from that bed this morning. What a lucky kid!”

12. “Dropped my crumpet over my cup of tea and thought I’d lost it. Turns out I’m rather lucky today.”

13. “Either I’m very lucky or I need a dosimeter.”

14. “Found an 1899 penny while walking my dog!”

15. “Today, I’m lucky! I got an extra fork in the noodle pack.”

Bonus: Sometimes, it’s better to stay silent.

I went to my relatives’ house for a sleepover. There are 7 people in the family, plus me and 2 other relatives. I went to sleep on the floor under the window. In the middle of the night, I felt something touch my shoulder. So I opened my eyes and I saw a dark figure step over everyone on the floor. This person went to the closet, looked through it, and put something into his bag. He was very quiet and careful. I was really scared. After a few minutes, the figure decided to leave. He stepped over everyone and got out through the window. Several seconds later, I woke everyone up. We called the police and 3 hours later, the thief was caught. The police said, “It’s good that you didn’t make a sound because he was armed and could’ve started shooting if he panicked.” © dda7 / Pikabu

Do you know people who seem to always be lucky? Why do you think that is? Are they just lucky for no reason or do they have a certain kind of personality that warrants it?

Preview photo credit dda7 / Pikabu


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