10 Popular Things Not Everyone Knows How to Use

2 years ago

Usually, we don’t think about the things we use every single day. They seem so simple and familiar. And it’s really difficult to guess that there might be more than one way to use them.

We at Bright Side decided to find out which everyday things we don’t use the way they were meant to be used. And the bonus answers the question of how to hang the toilet paper roll correctly.

Oil bottle plug

The protective plug with a ring right under the main cap may actually be useful. If you turn the ring down and put it back into the bottle’s neck, it will work like a valve. You can use it to control the amount of oil that pours out of the bottle.

Microwave oven

If you often notice the food in the microwave oven heating unevenly (the edges are hot and the middle is cold), try putting the plate near one of the edges, not in the center. This simple trick will allow you to heat the food more evenly.


To ensure the maximum efficiency of the dishwasher, don’t overload it and put plates on top of each other. Also, experts advise putting plates from carbs (potatoes and tomatoes) in the middle and protein (eggs) — on the edges.

If you do this, the carb spots will be under the most powerful water streams. And the edges will soak for a longer time which is perfect for protein spots.

Laundry pods

Laundry pods might be completely useless if you put them on top of the laundry. The right way is to put them into the washing machine first and then put the laundry on the top. By the way, if you wash clothes at a low temperature, the shell of the pod might not dissolve in the water completely and it could leave stains.


To make the deodorant as effective as possible, you can also use it on your legs, the inside of your thighs, and other body parts that produce a lot of sweat. It’s not just for your armpits!

Duvet cover

A TikTok user found an unusual way to solve an old problem — how to put a blanket into a duvet cover. You need to put the blanket and the duvet cover on the bed, match the corners, and make a roll. After that, open the slip, put the blanket inside, and button up the slip.


Today, we rarely use the drawer under the oven the way it was meant to be used. It was supposed to be the place where you store the meal you’ve just cooked to keep it warm while the dessert is being cooked in the oven.


To make the blender work better, you should stick to the right load order. We usually put berries first and then add milk. But in fact, it’s better to do it the other way round.


If the pillowcase is a bit too big for the pillow, professional cleaners recommend not leaving it hanging loose. They recommend folding it inside, which makes the bed appear neater.


In the past, Kleenex had a totally different purpose. They were meant as gas mask filters, and then the company started offering them to women to use during their periods. After that, the manufacturer reconsidered the formula, made the product softer, and started selling them as a makeup removal product.

Bonus: The ultimate answer to the question of how to hang the toilet paper roll correctly

Everyone has probably argued about how a toilet paper roll should be hung. Now, we have an answer thanks to the 1891 patent received by New York businessman Seth Wheeler.

He’s the “father” of toilet paper. He was the first person to patent toilet paper and decided its edge should face outward.

Have you ever used any of the things from this article in the wrong way? Are you planning to change your habits?

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