20+ People Showed Their Tattoo Fails and Made the Whole World Smile

3 years ago

George Orwell’s finger bones had blue circles tattooed on them, Winston Churchill had an anchor on his shoulder, and the characters of our article also wanted to have some significant tattoos that they could proudly show to their descendants, but at some point, everything went wrong.

We at Bright Side admired these tattoo fails and the sense of humor of their owners because they didn’t hide this “beauty,” but instead shared it with the whole world.

Now we know what things were like during the Jurassic Period.

This, in it's almost childish simplicity does not look to me like a fail. I know people are thinking it looks like a badly drawn picture, but tattoos are often about showing off or celebrating something. This image could be a picture drawn by a child that a parent wished to celebrate, or a joke or fun scribble by a loved one that that a partner or sibling wished to remember.
Just because an image doesn't suit the idea of the collective norm, it doesn't make it a fail.


“The tattoo artist managed to make Marilyn look like a man.”

It just needs a little shading apparently.

When your master forgot to inform you that he only draws in 2D:

“Totally normal looking fox”

"What a sweet angel!’

Incredible Angelina Jolie portrait!

“According to the artist, this is exactly what the customer wanted.”

“One of my friends got a tattoo from a guy she knew. She immediately regretted her decision.”

“The longer I look, the scarier it becomes.”

  • Half animal/half-human tats are popular. Pair it up with “my budget is $25” and then disasters like this happen. © zoey1bm / Reddit

Tiger lily

“Don’t get a tattoo, kids.”

“Nailed it”

“What a beautiful couple!”

“Got it on a whim and I just wish I didn’t. I wanted to get a Viking warrior wearing a helmet. I want to get this covered up now.”

“I don’t know how to tell my friend this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

When you wanted to memorialize your idol but failed:

At least those who see it will smile.

True love...

He Who Cannot Be Named looks really scary.

Always listen to your mom.

“He looks like he’s making a cry for help.”

“Time to invest in some long socks.”

“THIS is how you choose to immortalize me?!”

Which kinds of tattoos look best in your opinion?

Preview photo credit LBlackStarJM / reddit


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Metallica one is so bad it's actually gets good the more you look at it. I can't stop laughing :D

8 months ago
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can't tell apart, where is the photo of Angelina, and where is the tattoo. Masterpiece! ?


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