20 People Who Found Treasures in Unlikely Places

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There’s the saying that goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, that is very true for these individuals on our list who have managed to find some incredible items that had been thrown out. They’ve given them a new home and a new lease on life.

Bright Side is excited to share with you the “treasures” these people have found.

1. “I found this ring in the dumpster! It’s a 14k gold band worth $200+. I also found those tiny hands with it.”

2. “Last summer I found 2 China teacups, and last night I found the matching saucers in a different city!”

3. “I found this $90 dress in perfect condition in an apartment dumpster. It is my exact size and one of my favorite colors.”

4. “Found this pink beauty in the bulk trash and he’s found his forever home.”

5. “Went out for my first dive ever and found this awesome recliner/rocker. Brand new, still in the box!”

6. “Doubt they work, but they look cool.”

7. “Was able to save all these succulents from going to a landfill.”

8. “Found in a box of books by the curb.”

9. “‘83 Fender Squier. It just needs a new 5way switch ($10) but I guess the owner couldn’t be bothered? With case and a pick!”

10. “I was just at the recycling center and a bloke was about to put this in the scrap wood skip!!!”

11. “Found in the dumpster after someone moved out”

12. “I hit the jackpot today! This perfect condition NES with 1 controller and Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt was right on top.”

13. “A rocking chair that was sitting in the trash pickup area.”

14. “This 30+ year old Monstera Deliciosa would’ve gone to the dump. Working at a moving firm has its benefits!”

15. “Claimed TWO of these unused designer armchairs ($500 a piece) from an IT firm that had no space for them.”

16. “Found 2 outdoor chairs in the trash area of my townhome complex. Painted and reupholstered!”

17. “32 ft ocean kayak dad scored at an apartment dumpster.”

18. “These aren’t my size or style but they look unworn so I saved ’em.”

19. “Found this Akai Synth in the trash on my birthday!”

20. “Curbside find! This couch was too cool.”

What’s the most unique thing you’ve ever found?

Preview photo credit CanyouODonFRC/Reddit


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