18 People Who Know How to Breathe New Life Into Dull Clothes

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We may come across cool pieces of clothing in thrift shops, but they often turn out to be 3-4 sizes bigger than we need. For many customers, this situation may be a reason to refuse to buy these clothes, but the people from our compilation don’t see this as a problem. They’re sure that they can transform anything. Even old dresses and oversized men shirts can be turned into stylish outfits that don’t look like anything else.

“I turned this wrinkly and old dress from a thrift store into cool overalls.”

“This is my first sewing project ever.”

“I bought this dress for $1. It had been hanging in my closet for several weeks before I decided to finally change it.”

“I bought this dress in a thrift store for $25. The whole process of its modification can be described like this: I sat on my bed and just dove in, taking the dress apart.”

“These cargo pants look more modern now.”

“The top and the t-shirt I got for $4.50 look way better now.”

“I turned this weird thrift-shop dress into a cute corduroy one.”

“I turned a $1 dress into a nice romper.”

“I thrifted this coat dress for $2.50. It took only 2 hours to transform it.”

“I found a spool of pink lace and had to do something with it. Now I have this dress.”

“I transformed this second-hand dress. It doesn’t look perfect but I love it.”

“I’m very proud of my work.”

“I turned my old palazzo pants into a romper for my 4-year-old daughter.”

“I have absolutely nowhere to wear this jumpsuit but I’m happy it’s a part of my life now.”

“I transformed another second-hand dress.”

This oversized suit is completely unrecognizable now.

“I found this dress in a thrift shop. It took 2 days to completely transform it.”

“I transformed this boring dress and made it more my style.”

Have you ever found a way to give new life to your old clothes? Share your pictures if you have something to be proud of!

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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People have done a good job with up cycling the clothes but most of the items especially the shirts I would not have bothered with and the yellow suit is awful!


skillful hands and imagination are doing their thing, awesome clothes!


Oh my, I always wanted to learn how to sew your own clothes, and their works are just the real inspiration!


My mom used to be a mistress and she did a few like these. Unfortunately, I didn't get her habilities


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