Reddit Users Shared 20+ Petty Reasons for Why They Refused to Date Someone

2 years ago

At the start of a relationship, people tend to study each other very carefully and closely. Perhaps that is why the little habits of their potential partners, which wouldn’t even be noticed later, seem to stand out at this stage. One Reddit thread wondered what the pettiest reason people refused to date someone was, and it grew into something big, leading people to share some of their funniest stories.

We at Bright Side were laughing our head off when we were reading this thread and we would like to share our good mood with you too.

  • Everything was going great, I thought she was an amazing girl and we’d been seeing each other for 2 months. Go to her house for the first time and it was a little messy, but nothing to write home about. Then I go to the bathroom and put up the toilet seat. I don’t think she’d ever cleaned the bottom of the toilet seat given how disgusting it was. From then on, the only thing I could think about when talking or being with her was that disgusting toilet seat. © sctrojans1112 / Reddit
  • My mom stopped dating a guy because he unfastened and refastened the Velcro on his shoes throughout an entire movie, at the movie theater. © hyteck9 / Reddit
  • Been married twice. Both were named Kim. I don’t even talk to Kim’s now. All Kimmed out. © LostallmyGAFs / Reddit

  • Every time I touched her, I would smell eggs. Like holding hands, egg. Hug her, my shirt would smell of egg. The strangest bit was, she didn’t smell like that whatsoever. Also, when I broke it off, the egg smell stopped. © SuperSquirrel13 / Reddit

  • All The Words In Every Text He Sent Were Capitalized. Trust Me, It Got ANNOYING. © Daffodildandy / Reddit

  • She was a volunteer at the zoo and when kids asked her questions she didn’t know the answer to, she would make something up and lie. Growing up on zoo books and Steve Irwin, I take animal facts very seriously. © captjackjack / Reddit

  • Broke up with a girl in high school because her parents’ house was on the other side of some really bumpy railroad tracks. Didn’t want to continue abusing my car. © ManintheMT / Reddit

  • Went on a first date to the movies. This guy... instead of picking up his drink and lifting the straw to his mouth, he would put his hands on his knees, keeping his eyes on the screen, lean over to the drink, and ‘hunt’ for the straw with his face and his mouth contorted sideways trying to land on the straw. Weirdest thing ever. © Pocketeer1 / Reddit
  • She was super-hot, but she smelled. I dunno if she didn’t shower or use deodorant, but she just smelled funky. I couldn’t do it. My best girlfriend at the time was like, “just tell her.” How do you tell a girl you’ve known for a few weeks that she smells bad?!?! So I just stopped talking to her. Brilliant. © OmgOgan / Reddit
  • A very attractive, funny, and smart woman asked me if I wanted to go get ice cream with her. I turned her down but I guess in a way that she felt was flirty, so she kept asking. And finally, I had to tell her I was turning her down because she had both my mother’s first and last name. She laughed a lot and agreed we couldn’t date. © notabot99_thousand / Reddit
  • I went out with someone who had the same name as my cat. I brought him back to my house and the second I got home I greeted my cat and the guy looked at me, and I knew right then and there that I couldn’t do this. © ringaling11 / Reddit
  • I went out on a few dates with a guy that I had been really into for months. I was starting to realize he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the room. Then one day he said he liked watching commercials on TV and that was that. © lostkarma4anonymity / Reddit
  • She didn’t know that foxes were real animals. She thought they were mythical and just in movies. © rpp8 / Reddit

  • Her complete inability to follow the plot of a movie.
    “Who’s that?”
    “Where’d he come from?”
    “Why’d she do that?”
    “Who is he again?”
    I just couldn’t. © Jealous-Network-8852 / Reddit

  • He would call me his “beautiful angle.” He really didn’t know how to spell angel, so for 5 months, I put up with being an angle.
    Also dated a guy who wanted to put a single-wide trailer in his parent’s front lawn and thought I was unreasonable for not wanting to move in with him once he did so. © Nicole_xx19 / Reddit

  • A guy on a dating app said he wouldn’t date me because I didn’t like oysters. ©Awkward_turtle404 / Reddit

  • He didn’t re-rack his weights. I will never, for the life of me, understand why people don’t return/re-rack their weights. © pharmdap / reddit
  • He was wearing a hideous brown fake leather jacket, it was so old that the “leather” had started to flake off and parts were just canvas. He kept stopping to look at himself in the windows, saying, “Oh god, I look so hot today. I just can’t believe how hot I look,” smoothing down his manky jacket, side-eyeing me, expecting me to agree with him. I left so he could be alone with his jacket. © LeonardBetts88 / Reddit
  • She lived across the bridge and I hate going across the bridge. © chenyu768 / Reddit
  • Every single text of hers ended with ’...’
    I just couldn’t do it, man. © DeuceSe7en / Reddit

  • His laugh. It was the weirdest sounding laugh I’ve ever heard. The first time I heard it I was like “Nope, can’t deal with that for the rest of my life.” © LizzieLibrarian / Reddit

  • After our first date, he called me and asked me what I was up to, I replied, “cleaning my house,” he says " Oh! You like cleaning? I have a house cleaner who comes every other day, but if we got married we could get rid of her and just have you clean!" Sometimes they make it easy for you to decide if there should be a date #2. © ronsinblush / Reddit

How about you? What was the pettiest reason you refused to date someone?

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seems like many people have problems with the smell of others, so weird


When my mom was still in college, she went on a date with this guy. He was really nice and kind and everything, and at the restaurant they went to for dinner he chose spaghetti. Nothing wrong with spaghetti, but he started telling a long story to my mom, and the whole time he was doing it he had a forkful of spaghetti suspended in midair. Not like the spaghetti was wrapped around the fork. It was literally hanging in the air and swinging around while he was talking. My mom finished the date, but didn't go out with him ever again. She said he was a really nice person, but she just couldn't deal with his table manners! Eventually she went to his wedding, and she said he and his new wife ate their cake very messily and they looked very happy. Says she'll never forget "The Spaghetti Guy" as she calls him.


He had his name tattooed across his knuckles: J-O-H-N Why? He couldn't remember his name?


I was an English major in college and became an English teacher. When I went to pick up my date from his house, he asked me to wait while he got ready. There were no books or magazines or any printed material at all in the guy's house, not even so much as a piece of junk mail. I had to sit and stare at the wall. I never dated that guy again.


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