I Didn’t Want My Boyfriend’s Ex to Host a Party at Our House, but He Took Her Side

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Navigating relationships with our partner’s exes can be tricky, especially when it involves their child. Emma, one of our readers, found herself in a tough spot when she was excluded from her boyfriend’s son’s birthday party because she didn’t want to host it at their house. She reached out to us for guidance on how to handle this awkward situation.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Emma! We’ve gathered some helpful tips that we think might come in handy for you.

Reach out to Marla.

Reaching out after a conflict is tough, but it’s important to extend a sincere apology to Marla and work on repairing your relationship. Consider inviting her for lunch to have an open and honest conversation about everything that’s been going on. Since she’s part of your life as long as you’re with Carl, it’s beneficial to be on good terms.

Let her know that you value their son and your relationship with him, but also express your boundaries. Who knows, maybe through this discussion, you’ll even develop a friendship in the end.

Have a heart-to-heart conversation with Carl.

Have a chat with Carl where you calmly explain how you feel about the party issue. Let him know you want to be part of his son’s birthday celebration and family events. Mention that you suggested another place for the party to avoid any damage to the furniture, and you were surprised by Marla’s reaction.

Ask Carl what he thinks about the situation and try to find a solution together that respects everyone’s feelings and keeps the family happy.

Arrange a separate event to mark the occasion.

That's actually pretty good advice in wanting what's best for the child, but is it really fair to make her apologize, I mean this was planned without her knowledge it sounds like, that is sneaky and manipulative.


Plan a special gathering for Carl’s son on a different day or in another place that suits your liking. This way, you can ensure a fun and meaningful celebration without any tension from the previous party plan.

Invite important family members, including Marla, to show your dedication to being involved in family occasions while sidestepping the issues linked to Marla’s original party idea.

Consider seeking assistance from a family counselor.

If things continue to be tense, suggest the idea of getting help from a family counselor. This person doesn’t take sides but helps everyone talk calmly and find solutions. It’s like having a referee in a game to make sure everyone plays fair.

This could make it easier for you, Carl, and Marla to understand each other better and work out any problems. Getting help like this can make things better for everyone and stop any more problems from happening.

Parenting is often seen as tough and not always given the credit it deserves. But let’s shift gears and focus on some heartwarming stories that highlight the love and dedication parents have for their children.


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