9 Times Kate Middleton Redesigned Haute Couture Looks That Turned Out Truly Gorgeous

3 years ago

Kate Middleton often appears in public wearing clothing from haute couture fashion houses. But in order to make the garments correspond to the royal protocol, famous designers sometimes have to make slight amendments to their creations. The good thing is that the looks don’t start to look bad but on the contrary, they look better than they did on the runway.

We at Bright Side roamed around various forums and compared 10 original designer outfits shown by models and celebrities and their alternative versions created especially for the Duchess of Cambridge.

1. Alexander McQueen dress

This gorgeous flower-print dress by Alexander McQueen went through tailoring 2 times. First, Kate put on this dress for the BAFTA ceremony in 2017, having completely redesigned the bodice. 2 years later, she appeared wearing the same dress at a charity gala dinner, after having added short sleeves to it.

2. Emilia Wickstead dress

In the video dedicated to celebrating Burns Night, Kate showed up in a red checkered dress from Emilia Wickstead. Fashion critics instantly outlined that the duchess had redesigned the dress’s sleeves — the original dress had more voluminous sleeves made of transparent fabric.

3. Alexander McQueen dress

For creating one of her looks, Catherine got inspired by a cascade dress with a scarlet pattern made by Alexander McQueen. The outfit was presented in the Resort 2017 collection in several variations. Especially for the duchess, the designers created a completely new model with a classic sleeve and an elongated hem.

4. Alessandra Rich dress

The red dress with a print by Alessandra Rich has gone through several alterations as well. The voluminous bow that hid the deep neckline was added to the garment, especially for Catherine.

5. Alexander McQueen dress

In 2016, Kate liked a black midi dress that was decorated with bright ornaments from Alexander McQueen’s fall-winter collection. Designers created the same dress for the duchess but in a milky shade.

6. Alexander McQueen dress

Dresses with open shoulders are a big taboo for the representatives of the royal family. In order to not break protocol, in 2011, designers had to redesign the top of the lilac light chiffon dress from Alexander McQueen’s prêt à porter collection of the same year.

7. Jenny Packham dress

When going to other countries on an official visit, the Duchess of Cambridge tries to select outfits that correspond to the local culture. During their tour across Pakistan in 2019, Catherine showed off an evening outfit created by Jenny Packham, having complimented it with a long scarf resembling a part of the national Pakistani costume.

8. Alexander McQueen dress

While visiting the Taj Mahal on a 2016 India tour, Catherine wore a dress from the Pre-Fall collection of her favorite fashion house, Alexander McQueen. During the redesign, the sleeves of the dress were lengthened.

9. Jenny Packham dress

In November 2011, Kate put on a custom-tailored asymmetrical one-shoulder dress from one of her favorite brands — Jenny Packham. The color of the outfit was changed especially for the duchess. The original version was worn by Angelina Jolie at the premiere of the Tree of Life movie.

Which of these outfits looks better after the redesign, in your opinion? Which of them looked better in the original version?


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