19 Celebration Cakes That Have a Whole Story Behind Them

2 years ago

There are people who think it’s easier to do something once instead of trying it many times. And sometimes they make cakes to express their feelings and ideas.

We can’t hide that we have a sweet tooth here at Bright Side. And we also love to laugh, as 10 minutes of giggling aloud can burn as many calories as there are in a small piece of chocolate. This article has it all, and in the bonus section, you’ll find out why it’s not so easy to make an inscription on a cake.

“My girlfriend has never decorated a cake before, but she surprised me with this just because she knows I love unicorns.”

“My little man turned 8 today! I surprised him with a custom cake based around his current obsessions!”

“No one in my family has ever been divorced, so I wasn’t sure how they felt about mine. My mom and sister surprised me with this cake.”

“When your 11-year-old son says ’surprise me’ on his birthday”

“A friend surprised me with a cake for my birthday. I am incredibly touched. I must be doing something right with friends like these.”

“My grandma baked a cake for my team of doctors, but her use of punctuation made it sound sarcastic.”

“This was my dad’s seventieth birthday! My dad loved it! He’s a pilot, and this is his favorite airplane!”

“A wedding cake for my friend — I painted the picture based on one of her shots from their hiking trips.”

“A thirtieth birthday cake for my friend — she wanted Drogon from Game of Thrones.”

The inscription on the cake, “30 is coming,” comes from the iconic line from Game of Thrones, the TV series. “Winter is coming” is the motto of House Stark, which is a warning and a call for constant vigilance.

“My wife made a cake for my birthday, designed after ’the thing I spend all my time on.’”

The cake is recreating the Reddit logo.

“A London fog flavored cup of tea cake for a friend’s birthday”

“My daughter turned 8 today and she wanted a lemon cake, but she wanted the theme to be a surprise.”

This cake is for teachers at a child development center.

“We attended classes there together with our children for a few months. The teachers and mentors struck us with their sympathy, calmness, and patience. So we wanted to make a gift for them. I had to think a lot about how the cake should be decorated, and I didn’t like any of my ideas. Suddenly, I saw this mother rabbit hugging her babies. She’s the embodiment of tenderness. And since it was Christmas time, I decided to add spruces made of meringue and snowflakes.”

“This order gave me a chuckle.”

“A stained glass cake for my high school art teacher whose favorite medium to work with is glass!”

“The surprise birthday cake my husband had made for me!”

The inscription on the cake: “I’m too young to die and too old to eat off the kids menu! What a stupid age I am.”

“This cake was for my friend/co-worker’s surprise birthday party at work. I made a surprise heart inside.”

A retirement party cake

“A succulent cake I made for a friend who loves succulents”

Bonus: It’s not that easy to make an inscription on the cake.

“I can’t stop laughing. In Israel, people ordered a cake from a woman who didn’t know Hebrew. The inscription says (my translation), ’Lior turned 1! If there is space left, please add ’Congratulations.’”

Did you ever receive a cake that expressed someone’s feelings for you? If you have a photo of it, share it in the comments below.

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