7 Awkward Things Most Guests Don’t Like but Rarely Talk About

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3 years ago

Between classic etiquette rules and the rules that we follow in movie theaters, libraries, restaurants, and on planes — there are lots of things we have to keep in mind every day. However, we often overlook one really important thing: the rules of having guests. We all want our guests to be happy when they visit us, but in reality, we often make silly mistakes that might disappoint people vising us.

Today, we at Bright Side decided to talk about hosting mistakes that might make people turn an invitation down. And after having analyzed our own experiences, we’ve learned what we should never do.

Not cleaning furniture

You’d probably agree that it’s really unpleasant when you go visit someone, sit on the couch with a cup of tea, and get up one hour later to find that your clothes are covered in a layer of fur. And you may have been planning to see someone else that same evening but don’t have spare clothes.

Of course, it’s not easy to keep a house where pets live perfectly clean. But before guests come over, it’s better to clean all the surfaces with a brush.

Not asking people about their preferences

Some of us drink green tea without sugar, some like coffee with cream, and others don’t drink hot drinks at all. And it’s really awkward when guests are offered a cup of something they don’t like. And they can’t even say no because they don’t want to be rude. To avoid situations like these, it’s better to ask your guests what they would like to drink.

Offering food

One of the most unpleasant things is when hosts insist on eating something they’re offering. And when you finish the meal, they offer you more and may even want to give you some food to go. But not everyone has the same taste, dietary habits, and schedules. It’s important to remember that if one thing is acceptable for one person, it doesn’t mean that everybody is like that.

Not keeping the floor clean

This is especially important if small children are coming over to your place. Children often play on the floor, they crawl and lie there, and it would be very unpleasant for their mother to realize that her child’s clothes are all covered in hair and dirt. So, if a child is coming to your home, make sure the floor is really clean.

Neglecting the bathroom

It’s very awkward when you realize that the flush knob doesn’t work on the toilet or that there’s no hot water to wash your hands with. Or there might not be any toilet paper! As most people would agree, this isn’t very pleasant. That’s why you should warn guests about any kind of trouble with the bathroom and the toilet to avoid awkward situations. Also, make sure the bathroom is clean.

Asking to help you cook

Imagine that you go to someone’s place, you start talking, and then they ask you...to clean some fish. It sounds funny but it can really happen. And those who stay at the home the longest actually risk being asked to clean the table and do the dishes together with the hosts. This is not very polite, so it’s better to avoid such situations.

Taking presents away

It’s not very polite to show up empty-handed to someone’s place. That’s why we may go to a bakery to pick up the best cake as an offering to the hosts. They’ll then thank you for the cake and put it away into the fridge without offering you a piece! Nobody will say anything because it’s a gift, but it is not very polite. It’s better not to put away the food the guests bring to your place. Of course, there are situations where you already have a planned menu and the gift is more trouble, but in this case, you need to explain this to the guests.

Have you ever been in any awkward situations as a guest? Tell us about them in the comment section below!


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in the south guests are expected to help wigh cooking and clean up. it is considered politeness go the hosts yo help do everyone can enjoy and relax.


so true about offering food. I understand that you want to be hospitable and everything, but most of the time, I don't like / eat food they offer, and I feel so bad if I don't eat it :(


I love coming to my friends and help them cook together. It's my favorite part of visiting them 😅


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