15+ People That Aren’t Having the Best Day

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There will be always a scenario where fate tests our patience — maybe we’re unlucky, or things just happen randomly. But every time something goes wrong, it can prove to be quite memorable. We then return to that moment in our minds and laugh uncontrollably.

1. “I guess I’m done with my drink.”

2. “This is how my pho delivery arrived. I paid extra to get the fresh noodles.”

3. “Great, everything outside triggers my allergies.”

4. “Ordered this, then the cheese was left out.”

5. “Tragedy struck my world today. I could really use some support right now.”

6. “Didn’t have the realization until I was 30 minutes into class. I have no idea when I lost it.”

7. “6 months into buying this bed and got 0 support from the company and $700 down the drain.”

8. “This man took off his smelly shoes on the train and then put them up on the seat.”

9. “My watch got one-shotted because of a single slip at tennis practice.”

10. “The computers at my school”

11. “I woke up to this, and it’s because of my cat.”

12. “Some pillows shouldn’t be machine-washed.”

13. “Both the saddle and mudguard are gone.”

14. “This was the package that arrived to me.”

15. “I was about a quarter into it already.”

16. “These are my coffee filters.”

Which of these photos is your favorite? Do you have anything comparable? Tell us in the comments.


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