20 Situations That Left a Solid Footprint on People’s Nerves

2 years ago

Most of us usually stick to the same routine every day, but there are times when one small thing can make that day full of wonder. We come across weird moments that surprise us and sometimes it makes our day a little brighter or a little more sour.

We at Bright Side compiled some photos from people’s peculiar situations they had to go through.

1. “Someone tried on all these shoes and left them on the floor.”

2. “The joys of international travel.”

3. “Was looking at houses this past weekend and found a homeowner camouflaging some issues.”

4. “These girls on my bus (they’re playing music at max volume and shouting too).”

5. “These ain’t grapes!”

6. In a supermarket bathroom

7. “Just a couch in a shopping cart.”

8. “DIY ceiling fan”

9. “Someone shoved steaks in their pockets this morning?”

10. “The note says: Please stop taking trash bags out of this can, they are not yours to take, don’t forget you are on camera. Thank you.”

11. “Found some soiled diapers underneath the chaise lounge at a beach resort.”

12. “A high-end restaurants take on (a handful of jam)...”

13. “Girlfriend works at a local Target and had a family stroll in and do ALL this.”

14. “Airport restaurant”

15. “It took everything in me to not take my socks and shoes off and stick my smelly feet next to his face.”

16. “Don’t even get me started on the people that test spray paint like this.”

17. “Found this in a supermarket aisle.”

18. “Car dealership in my town had to put this sign up.”

19. “Parents letting their kids play with toys in a thrift store and not cleaning up afterward.”

20. “This lady resting on the apples at Walmart”

What’s that unforgettable peculiar moment you encountered that you just can’t forget about? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit brownshout / Reddit


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2 years ago
The comment was arrested by the vice squad.

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