15 Times People Faced a Reality Totally Different From Their Expectations

2 years ago

Things don’t always turn out as we’d like them to. Whether it’s a cooking venture gone wrong or being misled by a product, the universe never gets tired of keeping us humble. Some of these situations can be comical or just straight-up unbelievable, which is how they end up going viral online.

Bright Side comes to you with a few scenarios that left people face-palming. They’re both a good laugh and a warning note.

1. “What being 6.5 feet (200 cm) mostly looks like in showers”

2. “The new jar of Nutella my girlfriend tried to heat in the microwave”

3. “There was a blizzard last night, so we decided to check on our car.”

4. “Walked out my door to see this. Guess I won’t be driving to work today.”

5. “My friend’s new apartment the day after she moved in”

6. “My middle-aged baby”

7. “My wife said he wouldn’t get that big, but he got big.”

8. “My brother got this pizza in Rome, Italy.”

9. “My ice maker works better than expected.”

10. “Got a sandwich stuck in a vending machine. Bought a drink to push the sandwich.”

Primary schools have vending machines, which is just cruel. Lots of tears and disappointment.


11. “I finally got to see Big Ben!”

12. “The way this peels off the nice part”

13. “My knife’s ’wooden’ grip is actually just more steel.”

14. “We’ve had this ’home’ sign for 7 years. A new friend comes over and points out it actually says ’hame.’”

Two curved pieces of iron or wood forming or attached to the collar of a draft horse, to which the traces are attached. that is what hame means so I mean it makes sence


15. “The phone advertised as waterproof isn’t actually under water.”

When was the last time reality didn’t meet your expectations? Let’s see your own pics in the comments!

Preview photo credit saltybz / Reddit, aintx / Reddit


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