15 Pics That Seem Like They Were Taken in Another Universe

2 years ago

You have seen it with Spider-Man, but a hypothetical multiverse is more fact than fiction — physicists trying to understand the world predict there might be infinite universes with infinite versions of you. With that being said, now we are going to explore the vastness of the multiverse without the need to drop your phone or leave the couch.

Bright Side will show you 15 pictures that are so bizarre and fascinating that they totally look like they capture something that came from another world.

1. “Rainy day in Ireland”

2. “This cross-section of a parasitic worm looks exactly like Pepe the Frog.”

3. “A gecko with a new tail”

4. “The way this tree I found on a walk has grown around a drainage pipe”

5. “This dinosaur-looking tree”

6. “A stop sign in my town is so old it’s become a death metal band logo.”

7. “There’s a church with a wonky spire in the UK.”

8. “A museum in Pittsburgh puts scarves on their giant dino statue, Dippy the Diplodocus.”

9. “This splatter of molten steel has a painted eye on it.”

10. “This Ikea plant that looks like a creature”

11. “My 2 lb Lake Superior Agate”

12. “My Venus Flytrap is flowering.”

13. “Double Rainbow caught in Devon, UK”

14. “This albino frog chilling with its pond mates”

15. “The tree in my backyard has a halo.”

Have you noticed anything fascinating in your everyday life recently? Drop a comment.

Preview photo credit PreliminaryThoughts / Reddit


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