15+ Photos That Will Push Your Imagination to the Limits

2 years ago

Our eyes like to play tricks on us. And we love to be deceived because it brings new life into ordinary objects and is just a fun thing to do. Let’s just go back to our childhood lightheartedness for a single moment or 2.

We at Bright Side have found some fancy things to test the level of your imagination and prove the idea that it’s not just creative people who can find faces in objects.

1. My coffee looks genuinely worried about me.

2. “Double-headed sheep”

3. “My dog’s ’Proton pack capturing a ghost’ birthmark”

4. “The back of my dog looks like an old man with a mustache.”

5. “My loaf of bread kinda looks like ET.”

6. “Inside the exhaust stack of my paint booth looks like a portal to another dimension.”

7. Which animal or creature does this ginger resemble?

8. “This puddle froze with a weird pattern.”

9. “This tree that looks like a man ready to start running.”

10. “This drink holder and AC vent look like the face of a cartoon bulldog.”

11. “A shadow in my room looks like a cat.”

12. “The first chip pulled out of the bag looks like a person ran through it.”

13. Angry corn

14. “This lobster butter that’s happy to be included with dinner.”

15. Just a monster bird crossing a street.

16. “My puppy’s paw beans have spots and resemble a teddy bear.”

17. “My girlfriend got up from the couch, and the comforter resembles a gorilla head.”

18. “My buddy Koda’s hair on his ear resembles a dog’s face.”

19. “Whose head is whose?”

Has your imagination ever deceived you? Did you just go with it and have fun? What was the most impressive one you’ve ever seen in real life or on the internet? Please share your experiences with all of us.

Preview photo credit russrob84 / imgur


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