20 People Whose Day Turned From Yay to Nay in Record Time

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At any given moment, a great day can turn sour due to a totally unexpected event. And although we all dread facing bad luck, we have to remind ourselves that any unfortunate situation is temporary and it will soon pass. This is why it’s better to just ignore it, or even better, to look at the bright side of misfortune and turn it into a sarcastic story that will give us a good laugh whenever we remember it.

1. ’’He wore a hat outside...’’

2. ’’I tried to take a photo of my ice cream...’’

3. ’’It’s so badly burned, it looks like a double-chocolate brownie.’’

4. ’’I went to see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, and this was our view.’’

5. ’’The consequences of working in a −14°F lab where I have to wash my hands 40 times a day’’

6. ’’I was in a middle seat and paid extra money to upgrade to a ’window’ seat.’’

7. ’’My wife will eat part of a watermelon then put it back like this.’’

8. ’’My girlfriend tried to add some sesame seeds to an apple pie.’’

9. ’’I let my friend cut my hair...’’

10. ’’I have never used a strainer before...’’

11. ’’The ring pull broke, then the can opener broke...’’

12. ’’Our smoke alarm caught fire in the middle of the night.’’

13. ’’I’m starting to think this view isn’t worth golfers aiming directly at our homes.’’

14. ’’I came home from work to find a few tons of gravel dumped in my driveway. No idea where it came from.’’

15. ’’It’s so hot in Australia, our outdoor lights melted.’’

16. ’’The lemons from the tree in my yard are mostly peel and rind.’’

17. ’’A pipe burst on Christmas and destroyed our entire house...’’

18. ’’My fancy donut I was so excited for...’’

19. ’’My clippers broke in the middle of an at-home buzz cut and stores are closed.’’

20. ’’I grew a beard to keep my face warm this winter...’’

How do you usually react to bad luck? What’s the most unfortunate situation that you had to face recently?


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