15 People Who Got Their Creative Juices Flowing for Halloween and Look Absolutely Spooktacular

year ago

Halloween should win an award for being one of the most creative holidays. Even those who think they don’t have a creative streak end up running around looking for costume materials like talented artists. Although we don’t trick or treat anymore, this spooky holiday will always inspire us, no matter how old we are.

1. “Cousin gave birth on Halloween night. This was the doc during the delivery.”

2. “Stopping by the Apple Store in my Halloween costume”

3. “He was a moth, she was the light of his life.”

4. “Come and play with us.”

5. “Our 1 y.o. is Mirabel, our 5 y.o. is Isabella, I’m Delores, and my husband is Bruno, but we don’t talk about him.”

6. “We always like to base our costumes around my husband’s red hair. I figured Van Gogh would be awesome.”

7. “My 8-year-old asked to be an anglerfish for Halloween, but only if I could make it light up.”

8. “The Paleontology Department on Halloween”

9. “Our weatherman this morning”

10. “This is the Groot costume I made (I’m Rocket).”

11. “My professor dressed up as a minion today. Spent 50 minutes in the costume. Last year he was Darth Vader.”

12. “Here is a tyrannosaurus costume I made for my son from mattress foam and spray paint.”

13. “My stepdad really pulled off his Maui costume.”

14. “Costume party at my college today, my friend got dressed as The Rock.”

15. “For your costume consideration, Handsome Squidward”

What are you going to be this Halloween? What was your coolest costume?

Preview photo credit PepPepper / Reddit, iambuggz / Imgur


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