16 Times Tattoo Artists Turned Scars Into Works of Art

4 years ago

It's not a secret that art can heal. Music keeps you young, paintings boost your immune system, and tattoos let you look at things differently. Body art may take on a new meaning when a person's gone through hard times. These people were brave enough to show their scars to the whole world and even turned them into works of art.

Inspired by all the strong people you're going to see, Bright Side would like to share these wonderful pieces of art with you.

1. "A good laugh heals a lot of hurt." – Madeleine L'Engle.

2. Who said scars couldn't be a part of art?

3. In the end, it was worth it to sit for 13 hours straight.

4. Celtic chest tattoo on the chest as a beautiful way to survive.

5. Let vitamin "Sea" be with you.

6. Kayla embraced her scar with a zipper pull.

7. Flowers are always trending.

8. Taking something negative and turning it into something positive and even better than it was.

9. You'll never find a better bra.

10. Makes me really want to get over my fear of flying.

11. Like a little sprout breaking free in the desert.

12. There was a place for exactly this steampunk tower.

13. Flowery tattoos let you love yourself as you've never done before...

14. Be proud of the art on your body as this peacock is of his tail!

15. Amazing barn owl protecting its owner.

16. After a surgery, your body can only blossom!

Which of these tattoos did you like the most? If you also have tattoos that cover up a scar, feel free to share your photos in the comments!


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