20 Fortunate People Who Found a Needle in a Haystack

2 years ago

When going for a walk, we might find random things like a paper clip, a coin, or an earring someone has lost. Some people are gifted with much more than this — as unreal it may sound, they can find a cluster of fossilized creatures, a dog-shaped cloud formation, or — one of our favorites — an unimpressed lizard.

People coming across rarities is something that we at Bright Side love to witness and the following ones will make you want to keep your eyes wide open in hopes of spotting your next discovery.

1. “My cat has an excess of melanin in one eye. He sees just fine!”

2. This is a rare calico lobster. The chance of catching one is in 1 in 30 million.

3. “These fossilized creatures look like they came from another planet! Such an epic find!”

“The species is an ancient Australian Crinoid (Jimbicrinus Bostocki).”

4. “Mushroom with a tiny baby mushroom”

5. “I found a bird’s nest made of my hair. I cut my hair outside and found this on the ground nearby after a big windstorm a week later.”

6. “The impressions a frog made on my truck this morning”

7. “I thought this leaf was cool.”

8. I got 2 fruit roll-ups in a single wrapper, instead of 1."

9. “Lobster claw mutation I came across at work”

10. “Spiral-shaped icicle I found today.”

11. “I found this carved fox inside a tree stump, in a forest close to my home.”

12. “This cucumber that grew in the shape of a question mark.”

13. “I found a laundry basket with the same design as my phone case.”

14. Dog-shaped cloud formation

15. “I once found a leaf that showed all the stages of its life.”

16. “This perfectly shaped ice cream”

17. “This bird feather has a perfect little heart.”

18. “A perfectly aligned sunset”

19. “The smallest youngest bird just hatched in my magnolia tree.”

20. “My GF is on vacation and sent me this picture. I found it hilarious and thought I’d share.”

“Looks like an unimpressed lizard.”

What do you think the unimpressed lizard was thinking — what was its internal monologue? If you found a hatched baby bird in your garden or on your window sill, what would you name it?


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