17 Objects That Make Our Parents’ Homes a Very Special Place

2 years ago

Every family is different and unique... and so is every house. When we grow up and no longer live with our parents, we still go to visit or maybe help tidy up a room and find something unexpected: strange ornaments and objects, paintings, somewhat extravagant collections. And when we stumble upon these things, we suddenly realize that those objects that we thought were ordinary, actually weren’t that normal and they make us see our parents’ house as a somewhat strange place.

Bright Side browsed through Reddit and came across many people who shared pictures of things they found in their parents’ place that, for some reason, surprised them. We can tell you that some of these are pretty weird indeed!

1. “There’s a bathroom in my parent’s house that is lit by a single window and this is what happens every day.”

2. “This Japanese old town mini-alley on the bookshelf at my parents’ house”

3. “Last night, my parents made a 30′ Olaf on the frozen swimming pool cover.”

4. “My parents hung this in front of the toilet.”

5. “The McDonald’s Apple Pie tree that’s been in my parent’s backyard for 35+ years”

6. “My parents are redoing the kid’s bathroom from my childhood for the first time since they bought the house 35 years ago. Found this when they took apart the shower.”

7. “I think my parents finally realized that I won’t be giving them human grandbabies.”

8. “I found this roll of Jimmy Carter toilet paper in the very late ‘70s house my parents just bought.”

9. “My parents used an old DVD rack as an adjustable bathroom shelf.”

10. “As long as my parents have cats they won’t decorate another Christmas tree.”

11. “This ceiling fan at my parents’ house is made of 2 separate oscillating fans.”

12. “My parent’s sand collection, each location is written on the white tags.”

13. “My parents have a map of bills from around the world.”

14. “Instead of a brush, my parents have a toilet spear.”

15. “Pepe has been faithfully riding the roll at my parents’ house for over 22 years.”

16. Went over to my parent’s house to put down some insulation in the attic for them. Found this in the far corner, down the side.

Me: “What’s this unopened LotRs toy set? It’s not open.”

Them: “Oh yeah, we bought that for you for Christmas around 2003.”

17. “A photo of my parent’s house, taken by their neighbor while my parents were out for the day. My parents don’t own a cat.”

Have you found anything strange at your parents’ house lately? On your next visit, make sure to take a look and tell us about it!

Preview photo credit dubswaddy / Reddit


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