15+ People Found Gems in Thrift Stores and They Just Couldn’t Resist Buying Them

2 years ago

Earrings appraised at $4,682 and finding love letters from 1918, for some people thrift stores seem like good treasure hunting grounds. Luckily these people also acted fast and they didn’t miss out on rare finds that made a huge difference in their pockets.

We at Bright Side created a collection of thrift store finds that show people who were at the right place at the right time and found the right item.

1. “Just thrifted these diamond earrings for $6,99. They were appraised at $4,682.”

2. “Brand new Kate Spade NY pride tote bag for $5.99.”

3. “Second-hand find that needs to be shared.”

4. “Barn sale score!”

5. “In love with these gold earrings!”

6. “My new haunted tall lady! She’s a vase!”

7. “Found $20 in the back pocket of some jeans I bought today. I have been blessed by the thrift gods.”

8. “I have no words for what I did today. I’ve been imagining a PC built-in that clear section.”

9. “Throwback to this dope snowsuit I snagged from an estate sale a few weeks ago.”

10. “These spring shoes I found at a thrift store many years ago.”

11. “I bought a car boot for just $1. So worth it for the best prank I’ve pulled on my brother in a long time!”

12. “Got my wedding dress for free. It has actual boning, gold bird fabric, and pockets.”

13. “Something told me to lift up the skirt on the red couch. Found this blue tweed Flexsteel delight underneath.”

14. “$3 to feel like I’m in Animal Crossing”

15. “One of my most cherished thrifts to date.”

16. “I found hundreds of love letters between a sailor and his wife from 1918.”

“They started out as a secret couple, then got married after a few months!”

What is the best find you have found at a thrift store? Do you have a pic? Which find did you like the most from this collection?

Preview photo credit Radiantlyred / reddit


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