19 Photos That Prove Vintage Things Only Get Better With Time

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The fashion for retro clothes is gaining power. When you choose vintage clothes, there’s a lower risk of meeting someone dressed like you. And of course, old clothes have their own charm and character. Besides, the clothes and accessories we inherit from our grandparents are also a valuable memory of them.

We at Bright Side cherish history, which is why we love vintage fashion. Besides, getting dressed in second-hand stores and flea markets also means taking care of the environment. The people from our compilation have the same opinion. Just look at these trendy items!

“Got dressed up for Easter!”

“These glasses look a bit strange, but I like them.”

“Nail polishes from 1951 are still good. 2 coats with no top coat.”

“The frame was in a box for almost 100 years. Today, I got it with new lenses.”

“Once, my mom casually took out this ’70s dress and asked if I liked it. I’ve never said ‘yes’ faster.”

Vintage bright-pink Samsonite, straight from the ’70s

“I recently hit the ’70s jackpot at an estate sale.”

“Stunning diamond and platinum ring from the 1920s. It’s a family heirloom I got from my 86-year-old grandmother.”

“Coat was made in 1974. Found it in a vintage store.”

“Vintage ’70s satin disco bell bottom set”

“I’m in love with this 1920s wedding dress.”

A stunning glasses case.

“I found this amazing vintage dress for only $6.99 at my local thrift store!”

"Some of my favorite vintage finds. Floral hat and a polka dot gingham mix picnic dress.

1970s inspired

“1996 Olympic Games Limited Edition Ray-Bans for $4.50”

Vintage dress from the middle of the previous century

“Found this beautiful vintage wedding dress at a local thrift shop.”

“Rocking a vintage belt with today’s outfit”

Do you have any favorite vintage clothes?

Preview photo credit Roycerose2000 / Reddit


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