20+ Lucky People Revealed the Treasures They Found Online

3 years ago

On websites with classified ads, you can often find real treasures that are no longer available on store shelves. Even if they were, they would be much more expensive. That is why websites like Avito, Craigslist, and Kijiji are so popular among internet users.

At Bright Side, we’re happy for those people who were lucky enough to find cool things in these different marketplaces, and their new 4-legged friends are among them.

“5 years ago, I made the best Craigslist purchase of my life.”

“I paid $200 for this red couch.”

“I tried Craigslist for the first time, and now my heart is full.”

“I just bought this bad boy and I needed everyone to see it. 1976 Pacer Morini moped.”

“I bought this Ragdoll kitten at 3 months old for just $50.”

“Look at this beauty I bought online. I’m so fond of it!”

“I bought a couch from Craigslist, heard noises coming from it after bringing it home. I cut it open and found a cat.”

“I bought my boys a tent online.”

“I picked up this beauty off of Craigslist yesterday for a steal.”

“So I have a lamp at my place that I bought off Craigslist for like a $100 that probably dates to the early 1920s. Recently I found a hatpin in the shape of a tiny windmill!”

“Presumably 90 years ago someone was getting ready in their bedroom or something, stuck the pin into the shade for safekeeping, and forgot about it.”

“My buddy bought a van off of Craigslist for $3,000, fixed it up, and has been driving it around the country.”

“I found this $3,800 Cindy Crawford sectional and ottoman for free on Craigslist!”

“The greatest $200 Craigslist purchase of all time!”

“I’m obsessed over this Pendleton coat I scored on Facebook marketplace. It’s reversible, by the way.”

“My favorite Craigslist $50 find so far! The dog was sold separately.”

“I furnished my office almost entirely from Kijiji (even the cat is secondhand)!”

“My brand new Dr. Martens bought for $25. I got them off of Facebook marketplace from a girl who just didn’t want them. They are amazing and I am speechless.”

“My garage sale haul! I may or may not have an obsession with sequins. $11 for everything pictured ($5, $2, $2, $2) and 3 items still have tags attached.”

Even the cat is amazed with this rare Selenus chess set I bought online.

“I admire this vintage arc light with a marble base that I bought for $40 from Facebook marketplace.”

“I paid $4 for it at a garage sale. It was made in the 1970s in Japan. It’s truly stunning!”

“We found the perfect outdoor patio set on Facebook Marketplace. It’s Vintage Homecrest! I’m in love!”

“My sister’s engagement ring. It was bought for $10 at a garage sale, valued at $500, from the 1920s. She loves everything about it.”

Have you ever happened to find anything great on any of the internet marketplaces? Do you often buy things online? Share your finds in the comments below.

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omg, these Dr.Martens must cost like 180 dollars or more. I would enver sell them that low :(


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