20+ People Who Wanted to Have a Dream Vacation but Something Went Wrong

3 years ago

The oldest travel document in existence was issued in 1636 to Sir Thomas Littleton. It was written on parchment in intricate handwriting and included the signature of the English King Charles I. It granted the right to possess the amount of 50 pounds sterling, suitcases, and essential belongings. It was so big it had to be folded several times to fit in a pocket. Today’s travel passports are all light, compact, and serve as a pass to a person’s dream vacation.

We at Bright Side appreciate the sense of humor of internet users who have shared unlucky photos from their journeys. There’s also a bonus waiting for you at the end of the article — a cool story from an Australian resident that can affect your decision to go to this country on vacation.

1. “We visited Mount Rushmore.”

2. “Went out of my way to visit Crater Lake.”

3. “Went to see the Taj Mahal this morning.”

4. “Took a photo of Big Ben when I visited London.”

When I went to London, Big Ben was COVERED in scaffolding as well. I had seen it before but still, it was rather disappointing.


5. “I woke up at 3 a.m. and hiked up Machu Picchu to be there at sunrise.”

6. “I climbed a mountain in Banff for several hours just to see this magnificent view.”

7. “Our view at the Grand Canyon”

8. “Took a 6-hour coach journey to see the view from Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest (Bavaria, Germany).”

9. “Finally got to visit San Francisco and see the Golden Gate Bridge.”

10. “The Mt. Everest view at a peak in Nepal”

11. “I walked for 3 hours and 7 miles uphill in Cerro Negro, Argentina to see this. What a view...”

12. “We drove literally 2 and a half hours through the tiniest roads to have the best view of Monaco.”

13. “The view from my recent 6-hour drive to Neist Point, Isle of Skye, Scotland.”

14. “They don’t call them the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina for nothing.”

15. “My wife and I spent almost 10 hours on a plane, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and flew more than 4,500 miles. We climbed to the top of the rock to enjoy a view of Central Park.”

“We had only one day in New York and this view will always be with us.”

16. “I drove 21 hours to Mount Rainier, and it was cloaked in a fog for days.”

17. “Climbed to the top of Mount Fuji to see the sunrise at 4:30 a.m., but it was foggy, wet, and cold.”

18. “An 8-hour flight, 5 weeks of anticipation, and an hour-long bus ride to see the Cliffs of Moher. The fog had other plans.”

19. “I flew 13 hours to see the Great Wall.”

20. “Visited St. Louis for the first time and was told I had to see the famous Gateway Arch...”

21. “Went to go see Devils Tower today....”

22. “Visited a Japanese torii gate. Such a magnificent structure.”

23. “A 12-hour plane ride followed by a 7-hour plane ride and then 7 days of walking only to get to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in a snowstorm in the dark”

24. “Went to the top of the Eiffel Tower for the view... The fog seemed really high from down low but I had already bought the ticket.”

25. “I will never forget the day that I traveled 8 hours to London to see Big Ben only to find out that it’s being restored.”

26. “My parents are on vacation in South Africa. I asked whether or not they had seen anything interesting yet.”

Bonus: “I live in Australia. Found my cat playing with this ’toy’ behind the couch.”

Do you have any “unsuccessful” photos from your trips?

Preview photo credit KindKoala / Imgur


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OK 21 and 23 are not so bad! Don't get me started on 26. That's art. That's hours and hours of hand crafting. We admire that here. A little appreciation for it would be nice. There's usually a cushion that you take with. Can't leave it there because the weather changes any sec. I'm disappointed in you #26


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