15 People That Got an Instant Reminder of How Incredible Nature Is

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You may not know but there are more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way. Ever-changing and unpredictable Mother Nature is full of surprises and never fails to amaze us.

Buckle up because we at Bright Side want to show you a new fresh dose of nature’s awe-inspiring wonders.

1. “Outline of a rock that looks like a kitty”

2. “My (very neglected) rose bush bloomed into the shape of a perfect heart!”

3. “A rare optic sight, the ’Brocken specter,’ which occurs when a person stands at a higher altitude in the mountains and sees their shadow cast on a cloud at a lower altitude.”

4. “This GIANT dandelion I found on my walk today”

5. Lahaina noon in Hawaii — the sun passes directly overhead, so the objects cast no outward shadow.

6. “This egg has no yolk.”

7. Stick insect that looks like it’s part of the branch.

8. “I (17M) have abnormally long arms 5’9 with a 6’6 wingspan.”

9. “This plant grew through the fence.”

10. “The sun lines up with my door viewer in the summertime and creates this little rainbow.”

11. “You never know what you will find when you pick up a shell at Honeymoon Beach, Florida. Little dude was put safely back in the water.”

12. “Just found this cool little mushroom.”

13. “This one-eyed toad I saw”

14. Leafy sea dragon

15. “This extremely long plant in my flat. It’s 4 floors long.”

Have you ever encountered the weird and terrific sides of nature firsthand? Tell us about the thing or situation that left the biggest impression on you.

Preview photo credit cableguy316 / Reddit


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3 is is cool

I also have long arms. But I can't touch my toes without bending my knees


don't get the tall guy. Is he saying he's 17metres tall. Impossible as hes under a door frame. Am I missing something. Also I'm 6'1 and am only 1.84m tall. so 17m would be as tall as buildings. So what does the 17M mean?


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