8 Sneaky Ways to Make Your House Look More Luxurious Without Spending a Fortune

2 years ago

Some people think it costs an arm and a leg to make your house look like the kinds you see in glossy magazines. And other people use a whirlwind of colors and patterns in their homes in an attempt to make them look luxurious. However, the secret to an elegant house lies in simplicity and minimalism.

Bright Side is teaching you how to turn your cozy abode into a castle without breaking the bank.

1. Replace colorful towels with white ones.

Colorful towels with funky prints can look cute, but if you want to give your bathroom a bit of elegance, don’t rack your brains, just buy white towels. No matter what colors are primary in your bathroom, white will go well with anything.

2. Use white bedding.

Believe it or not, white bedding is actually easier to clean — just a bit of bleach and the sheets look brand new. Besides, it can withstand high temperatures, unlike most colored bedding. It also gives you the freedom to combine it effortlessly with colorful throws and cushions.

3. Decorate with fruit.

You can bring more life to your kitchen or living room by placing some fruit bowls on the tables or countertops. Bear in mind that although using fake fruit might be okay in some cases, most designers prefer to use real fruit. Make sure to combine colors properly, and once you’ve found the perfect combination, keep it simple and don’t overdo it.

4. Have several sources of light.

Don’t make your overhead lightning do all the work. In some cases, it’s better to remove it completely, as it might be too harsh and bright. Instead, add some small table lamps, candles, or string lights. This way, you’ll easily create a cozy atmosphere.

5. Frame your mirrors.

An ordinary mirror can turn into a stylish accessory for any room. Usually, it doesn’t require a lot of money and can be done easily, even if DIY is not your cup of tea. There’s also a wide range of frames to choose from, and you can customize them so that they match your room perfectly.

6. Buy matching sets.

Make sure soap dispensers, containers, and toothbrush holders match each other. This way, your rooms will look more organized and even decluttered. A lot of dollar stores offer cheap sets, and if the variety overwhelms you, just go with neutral colors and minimalist designs.

7. Use trays.

We use some products so often that it doesn’t make sense to hide them in drawers and take them out again — it’s just wasted energy. Instead of piling everything on the table, put all of your stuff onto a chic tray. Your room will instantly become more put together and luxurious. It means there will be no visual clutter while also adding some texture.

8. Decorate old surfaces with marble contact paper.

If you can’t make your surfaces squeaky clean and shiny no matter how hard you scrub, invest in marble contact paper. Stick it onto the old surface and enjoy the renovated piece of furniture. Marble is a great choice if you want to add a touch of elegance to your house.

What tips do you know of that can instantly transform a house into a palace? What design decisions should we avoid at all costs?

Preview photo credit megskinz / Reddit, Shutterstock.com


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