20+ People Who Hit the Lottery With Their Expectations

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Often, expectations don’t match reality. Either the purchased product turns out to be completely different from the one on the package, or the dish you cooked looks totally different from the one shown in the recipe. Fortunately, this is not always the case. And these photos will prove it because internet users didn’t expect anything special, but they suddenly hit the jackpot.

“My interpretation vs My tattoo artist’s interpretation”

“I’m honestly impressed with this $3 pizza.”

“I tried out a coffee bean cookie recipe, and pleasantly surprised by the results.”

“I’m so excited that my cookies are bigger than in the photo!”

“It’s pretty close. I’ve always seen these at the gas station and today was the day I tried one.”

“This pizza has way more toppings than shown on the box.”

“My sketch of a cake I wanted to make vs The reality!”

“I’m pretty proud! My best cake to date (everything is handmade by me, I’m a self-taught baker and cake decorator)!” © mathwifey / reddit

“Surprisingly accurate!”

“I made this for my significant other’s Christmas gift.”

“It was nearly $400 on Etsy. My first project in over 10 years and it took about 16 hours.” © anutteranceofshush / reddit

“I think we did a pretty decent job.”

“I’m pleasantly surprised by this fruit tart.”

“I hired a friend to make my son’s first birthday cake! I couldn’t be more thrilled!”

“Beginner’s luck”

“The book was a present from my wife and she is reaping the benefits.”

“I was pleasantly surprised.”

“I’m pleased with the outcome of my first batch of oatmeal cream pies.”

“It’s probably one of the best microwaveable meals I’ve ever had!”

“The Dinosaur cake photo I found online (left) vs My attempt (right). My birthday kid was very pleased and it tasted great too!”

“Cookbook vs My humble attempt!”

“Not bad for a frozen pizza”

“I’m pretty happy with how this turned out!”

“I’m very impressed. I bought this in Sweden.”

“It tasted good too.”

“Mine aren’t as golden brown but I’m proud of my pumpkin bread rolls anyway.”

Bonus: “I made Homer Simpson’s spice rack.”

Did it ever happen to you that reality matched your expectations? If so, tell us your stories in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Zlatehagoat / Reddit


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