17 People Whose Cooking Attempts Ended in Real Masterpieces That Are Too Good to Eat

4 years ago

When you eat a dish that is not only tasty, but also beautiful, it’s a double pleasure. And it’s even a triple pleasure when you manage to cook a perfect meal all on your own. Internet users shared pictures of the self-made dishes that they are most proud of, and we can’t believe they are real.

Here at Bright Side we got inspired by these 17 pieces of culinary art, and we wonder if you also feel like rushing to your kitchen when you see them.

1. “I made a Game of Thrones tribute pie: lemon curd, peach and raspberry filling, in a lemon almond cookie crust.”

2. “First attempt at a dragon cake”

3. “I baked a pie to celebrate the Moon Landing’s 50th anniversary.”

4. “My girlfriend baked cat buns!”

5. These sugar cookie versions of a typical breakfast look pretty realistic.

6. Someone didn’t want an ordinary cake for their New Year’s dinner party.

7. “A friend of mine baked a cake for my 30th birthday.”

8. Making a sugar cookie portrait of your pet is another way to tell the world how much you love them.

9. This cake is simply perfect

10. Some homemade Baby Yoda cookies

11. “I baked a Hogwarts Crest pie with Matcha Apple for Slytherin, Blueberry for Ravenclaw, Peach for Hufflepuff, and Cherry for Gryffindor.”

12. A giant Cookie Monster cupcake

13. This loaf of bread has the shape of a pumpkin and a real pumpkin stem on top.

14. “I think my wife nailed our daughter’s ‘sushi’ birthday cake this year! So proud of her I felt like I needed to share it.”

15. This pie looks like it’s made of cast iron.

16. It looks like an ordinary chocolate cake on the outside, but there’s a whole galaxy hiding inside.

17. “I’m a self-taught cook and baker. My latest accomplishment is the galaxy donut.”

Do you like cooking? Can you share some pictures of your culinary masterpieces in the comments?

Preview photo credit smillard99 / Reddit


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I love seeing how mistakes can become great things like these


I wish I was a lucky as these people. I mean, did you guys see how perfect cake #9 is???


Idk about you guys, but this is pretty cool. For those who know how hard it is to make bread, this is like GOALS

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