15+ Parents Proved That Life With Them Is Full of Surprises

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2 years ago

Sometimes, parents do things that make their kids’ jaws drop. They feel too lazy to clean up after themselves, they rush into the room during their kid’s Zoom lesson, and they demand to be pampered when they’re sick as if they were still little.

With this compilation, Bright Side decided to remind you that there is quite a difficult parent standing behind each problem child. All we are left to do is understand and forgive them because we all have hard days occasionally.

“How my dad uses his iPad”

“My mom eats her pizza like this.”

“My mom only wanted the chocolate part.”

“We have plenty of charging cables and my mom has decided to use this one.”

“The way my mom repurposes containers without cleaning them first. There’s still leftover barbecue powder from some chips.”

“My mom everyone...”

“My dad, who is infamous for missing the little details when shopping, bought toilet paper this week.”

“How my dad opens ice cream containers”

“Dropped in on my kids’ Zoom classes — payback for all the interruptions to my work calls.”

There is a parent with quirks behind each “problem” child."

“My parents don’t use their bar soap all the way.”

“My dad has never closed a tab on his phone in his life.”

“My parents are always doing this even though the trash can is RIGHT THERE!”

“My dad takes bites out of butter.”

When mom is raising a true Spartan:

“My mom asked what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday, I said, ’carrot cake’ and I got EXACTLY what I asked for.”

This kid was lucky to have this celebration.

Why do you think parents behave this way? Have you ever had conflicts with your mom or dad or have you always gotten along well with them?

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Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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last one is rude at least APPRECIATE her for making food


what's the problem of opening ice cream like a normal person?


id absulotly would hate having 2 go 2 the denstice on my bday😡😡


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